InvoiceLion: your self-hosted open-source invoice manager

InvoiceLion: your self-hosted open-source invoice manager
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InvoiceLion is a free, open-source invoicing software for freelancers or anyone who is issuing invoices for customers. Self-hosted means you can download, host, install, and use it on your server.

InvoiceLion is created by twin freelance developers, who created it out of their need to automate invoice creation and production.


What does InvoiceLion do?

  1. Helps you manage your clients, quotes, invoices, payments, and expenses.
  2. Comes with a responsive dashboard design
  3. Offers an automated workflow for recurring invoices
  4. Allows exporting informative reports
  5. Comes with multiple users support
  6. Creates draft in invoices, and quotes.
  7. Track client's activities.
  8. Integrates with 25+ online payment services.

Install and setup InvoicePlane

The system is built with PHP7 and uses MySQL/ MariaDB.

To install InvoicePlane, you need to have a working Apache or Nginx server, PHP7, and MySQL (or MariaDB).

You can install InvoicePlane locally on your local machine, with the help of WAMP and similar software for Windows, and XAMPP for Linux, Windows, and macOS.

There is no official Docker support so far, but you can create your own and publish it.

Here is how to install and set up InvoicePlane, soon as you have the requirements set.

  • Unzip the source code
  • run composer install to install dependencies
  • create the database using create_db.sql (adjust the database credentials)
  • initiate the database using db_structure.sql
  • copy config/config.php.template to config/config.php and fill in the database credentials


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