19 Free open-source self-hosted Invoicing and billing solutions

In a dynamic business environment invoices are created regularly and require custom workflow according to the enterprise business process.

Invoice and order management solutions are built to manage billing and invoicing documents generally. Some of them manage orders and post-sale subscription billing.

Most of ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) solutions include invoice, billing and order management features.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

However, our goal in MeDevel.com is to provide our readers with open-source free software alternatives for the commercial ones. So, we have collected a rich list of open-source invoice and billing management apps for all sort of businesses.

Open-source invoicing and billing  solutions

1- InvoicePlane

InvoicePlane Dashboard
InvoicePlane Dashboard

InvoicePlane is a free self-hosted open-source invoicing and billing software for companies and freelancers. It is built with PHP works seamlessly with LAMP stack.

The system helps companies to manage quotes, invoices, payments, clients and  offers integration with 25 online payment service.  It comes with a simple user-interface with multi user-interface support.

2- Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja Demo
Invoice Ninja Demo

Invoice Ninja is another self-hosted invoice management system for small and medium size businesses (SMB) and the enterprise. It is also built with PHP and uses several NPM packages.

In addition to invoice management, Invoice Ninja features deposits, partial management, remainders, auto payment, alerting, real-time PDF creation, tax settings, multi-languages and multiple currencies support.

Invoice Ninja has pro and enterprise editions which both contain several features not found in the community edition.

3- Carter


Carter is a free self-hosted mobile-ready invoicing and billing management system built with Laravel PHP framework and Vue JavaScript framework.  It allows companies to manage their expanses, invoices, payments and inventory.

Carter has a simple install wizard, modular structure with several active modules, supports multiple companies, and languages.

It accepts payments through with a seamless Stripe integration.

4- InvoiceLion

InvoiceLion (src. InvoiceLion)

InvoiceLion is a free self-hosted  invoice and payment manager for small companies. It is built from the ground using PHP7 and MariaDB (MySQL) as a database.

With its responsive design, InvoiceLion works smoothly on mobile and tablet screens.

InvoiceLion features a smart dashboard, integrated time tracking, a recurring invoice management and customizable invoices templates.

5- SolidInvoice


SolidInvoice is yet another free self-hosted invoice and payments manager. It has a rich dashboard with shortcuts access to all features and functionalities.

SolidInvoice helps managers to keep track of their payments, bills, contacts, clients and quotes. It also offers a RESTful-API and several notification methods.

6- Opensource Billing

Opensource Billing
Opensource Billing

7- Logic Invoice

Logic Invoice
Logic Invoice

Logic Invoice is designed as an invoice and payment manager. It can be configured to support multiple languages, multi-currency, simple CMS, and several email templates.

Its basic features include customers and contact manager, reporting, payment management and recurring payment manager.

8- Killbill

The name may refer to the famous Kill bill movies, but it is not certainly not going to kill you bills but manages them.

Kill Bill manages customers, bills, invoices, payments and subscription with support of external third-party payment methods. It features custom fields, timeline view, auditing and bill tagging.

The system is built with Ruby and requires several ruby gems

9- jBilling

jBilling is a cross-platform billing and invoicing management system which built using Java, Grails and PostgreSQL.  

As other solutions on this list jBiling focuses on invoicing, bills and payment management.

It runs on Windows, Linux and macOS.

10 - BambooInvoice

Despite its simple interface, BambooInvoice has all what is take to manage payments and invoices for freelancers and companies.   It is an old legacy system built with PHP which didn't get any update since 11 years.

11- ngbilling

ngbilling is a self-hosted billing system based on jBilling, built using Java, Grails and Go. It supports different databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle).

ngbilling is suitable for IT business, consultation-based companies, legal firms and healthcare enterprises.

It offers modular structure, multiple modules for customer subscription, several payment plugins, advanced user management system, multiple language support, multi-currency option and scalable design.

11- BoxBilling

BoxBilling is a web-based open-source billing and customer management software. Some may consider it a lightweight CRM (customer relation management) system with extended payment management support.

BoxBilling requires PHP7.2 or higher, MySQL 8 or higher, PHP composer as well as some PHP extensions to run.

12- Invoice Neko

Sharing an invoice with unique link with Invoice Neko
Sharing an invoice with unique link with Invoice Neko

Yet another self-hosted invoice management system which is easy to customize and scale.

Invoice Neko requires PHP 7.0 or higher, MySQL or MariaDB. Several PHP extensions should be installed as well. It supports multiple companies within the same install.

Invoice Neko is relatively a new project aiming for small companies and freelancers who deal with many clients.  It has a mobile-ready responsive design, several invoice templates, notification system with email support, auditing, invoice unique link generator and generates receipts on fly.

13- AgileBill

AgileBill is an old  (since 2002) PHP-based bill management and invoicing system. Its legacy look interface which resemble Windows XP because its developer didn't update it for years. But many developers fork it and customize it for their requirements.

Despite it is an old system, AgileBill automate invoicing tasks, clients subscription, affiliates management and 3rd party integration modules. Furthermore, AgileBill offers rich dashboard with reporting and newsletter functionalities.

Developers can install it easily as it only requires PHP5 and MySQL.

14- Manta Desktop billing

Manta is an open-source desktop invoicing system for Windows, Linux and macOS. It has a flexible customizable form for generating bills, PDF export, custom and pre-defined templates and SVG logo support for seamless printing experience.


CitrusDB is a simple lightweight CRM and invoicing system for personal usage and freelancers. It has a simple interface with an old table look which does not work with mobile screens.

16- OpenBRM

OpenBRM is an open source cross-platform invoice and payment management system. It allows users to manage customers, companies, payments, products, products catalogs and orders.

It is not a light software package also it is not promoted well or popular the rest of solutions on this list.

17- Invoice (ASP.NET)

Unlike all the solutions here, This one is built with Microsoft technologies (ASP.NET). It comes with a dashboard filled with statistics and diagrams. It features customers and billing management with several configurable options (currencies, taxes, user groups)

18- Hydra OMS

Hydra OMS is a self-hosted order management system for small and medium size companies. It does not have all the fancy features like other systems here, but it does the job as a simple order management system.


This list is not by any mean complete, but it has enough open-source solutions for companies to help manage daily invoices. If you know of any other solution that we didn't mention here please let us know.

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