InvoicePlane: An open-source, free invoicing system for teams

InvoicePlane is a self-hosted, free, and open-source clients, invoices, and payments management system.

It is a simple useful app for freelancers, small and medium-size businesses.

The projects got more than 100,000 downloads almost from all countries.

If you are a team of two or more two members, InvoicePlane comes with multiple user accounts by default, which helps the team to manage their clients, and invoices together.

InvoicePlane Features

  1. Comes with a rich, responsive user-interface
  2. Helps you manage clients, payments, invoices, and set up quotes
  3. Offers built-in payments for 25+ online payment services which include PayPal, Stripe, and Bitcoin.
  4. Built-in multilanguage support
  5. Email notification, and email templates
  6. Comes with several themes
  7. PDF reporting with templates support
  8. Supports Docker installations
  9. Allows managing and automating recurring invoices
  10. Allows setting tax settings
  11. Comes with custom fields that users can customize
  12. Multiple users accounts support
  13. You can import data in CSV format
  14. InvoicePlane comes with a comprehensive reporting system
  15. Offers a user-friendly documentation

Install InvoicePlane


InvoicePlane requires PHP >=7.0, and MySQL >=5.5 or MariaDB to run. It also requires several PHP extensions:

  • php-gd
  • php-hash
  • php-json
  • php-mbstring
  • php-mcrypt
  • php-mysqli
  • php-openssl
  • php-recode
  • php-xmlrpc
  • php-zlib

You can install, and run InvoicePlane over Apache or Nginx server. Here are installation instructions that will help you have to get your system up and ready.


Although InvoicePlane's source code is released on GitHub, it does not have an open-source license. However, you can use it as it is without modification.

Wrapping up

InvoicePlane offers several built-in modules that help automate invoices, manage clients, and more. It is easy to setup, configure, and use.


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