Lemmy is a free and open source social link aggregation and discussion platform, with content organized into communities for easy subscription to topics of interest. It uses voting to prioritize the most interesting items. Lemmy is licensed under the strong copyleft AGPL License, which can be found on GitHub.

There are many public communities available for free. Also, some communities have private groups.


Lemmy, the free and open-source link aggregator and discussion platform, provides users with a self-hosted edition that they can download, install, and run on their own server. This edition allows users to have full control over their data and the platform's configuration, ensuring that their privacy is protected.

Additionally, the self-hosted edition can be customized to suit the specific needs and preferences of its users, who can make changes to the platform's design, features, and functionality.

This flexibility makes Lemmy a great option for those who are looking for a customizable and privacy-focused link aggregator and discussion platform.

Reliable Tech.

Lemmy is built using some of the fastest frameworks and tools, including Rust, Actix, Diesel, Inferno, and Typescript.


  • Self-hostable, easy to deploy, via Docker, or Ansible.
  • Clean, mobile-friendly interface.
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • User avatar support.
  • Multiple channel support.
  • Full vote scores (+/-) like old Reddit.
  • Themes, including light, dark, and solarized.
  • Emojis with autocomplete support. Start typing :
  • User tagging using @, Community tagging using !.
  • Integrated image uploading in both posts and comments.
  • Notifications, including via email.
  • i18n / internationalization support for > 30 languages.
  • RSS / Atom feeds for All, Subscribed, Inbox, User, and Community.
  • Can fully erase your data, replacing all posts and comments.
  • NSFW post / community support.


The project source code is released under the AGPL license