Top 6 open-source Self-hosted Bookmark Manager Solution

Bookmarking is a great way to save documents that you think may need to reference them in the future.

If you use paper bookmarks then, of course, you are reading a book, It's pretty great, to save your spot using a bookmark to keep your place in the book.

Let's say, that you explore the internet every day, and you like to keep an archive of you find, learn to review it later. Your local browser is not reliable, you need to keep them in the cloud to access them from anywhere. So, this article is for you.

Some services may help you to save and record your bookmarks, back in the day we had (terminated), Digg, Stumbleupon (Mix), and Pinterest which many people use it to save their links.

I believe I had over than 19k bookmarks in my, when the website terminated, then I created my own system to record my links which I still use for years.

Here, we collected several open-source web-based bookmark management systems that you can self-host and use for free.

Open-source web-based bookmarking management systems

1- LinkAce


LinkAce is an open-source bookmark archive that is self-hosted, free, and open source.

This application helps you collect and organize links from your favorite websites. You can use it to save articles, videos, tweets, and anything for a record or your future readings.

Its features include consistent monitoring, automatic archiving, tags & lists, dark mode, search, filter, order, it offers a REST API, your link that you save in it, you can be accessed by guests or kept it private.

You can install it with docker or without docker

It is licensed under the GPL-3.0 License and written with PHP.

2- Linkding

linkding is a simple self-hosted bookmark service that is designed with an easy way to set up using docker.

It features tags for organizing bookmarks, full-text search, bulk editing, bookmark archive, dark mode, automatically creates bookmarks, it also supports rest API for developer, and more.

It is licensed under the MIT license and written with python.

3- Archivebox


Archivebox is an open-source personal internal web archive that is the powerful and self-hosted solution to save websites that you want to per serve offline.

It supports many input formats for URLs, it can be configured, free, comes with a powerful, intuitive command-line interface, supports scheduled/real-time importing from many sources, and more.

It is a cross-platform system, which means you can install it on Linux, macOS, and Windows.

4- Shaark


Shaark is an open source, a self-hosted platform to keep and share your content.

With it, you can keep your links, content, albums, archiving as a PDF or as a media, it also supports rapid sharing extension and progressive web app, DB encryption, 2-FA, Multi-users, backup, and more.

5- is an open-source visual bookmark manager. You can use it to help you manage your links, pictures, notes, colors, and many resources too.

It is to looks great, and it allows you to connect your Dropbox and use it to save all your data.

6- WebCrate


WebCrate is an open source bookmarking tool that is used for teams, and groups to organize, share links around the web.

It features team management, responsive design, search, collections, internal and external resources and more.

WebCrate is released under the MIT license and written with Vue.js.


We listed the best open-source Bookmark archive solution. Most of them are rich in features and can be used directly with any project, or even customized to meet the special cases whenever needed.

If you know of any other web-based self-hosted Libre solution that we didn't mention here, contact us.

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