LibreHealth EHR / LibreHealth Radiology Open source - Free Electronic health records/ Medical Imaging management software

LibreHealth is a free and open-source EHR  (Electronic Health Records) software, It's clinically  focused on the patient workflow for clinics and hospitals. It's also built to be developer friendly with powerful API which is released under the title " LibreHealth Toolkit".

LibreHealth original started as a fork of OpenEMR (Open-source EMR), and evolved to be standalone project with new tools and child projects. So be aware " LibreHealth and OpenEMR are separate projects).

LibreRadiology : LibreHealth community released custom version of LibreHealth EHR for managing Radiology workflow in Radilogy  centres/ units within the hospital structure. It extends the LibreHealth Toolkit API to process, transfer and view DICOM imaging using Open source DICOM viewers, and create a radiology report. Though LibreRadiology RIS is currently in active development, It's available on gitlab repository as well with building, configuration and installation instructions - src.

LibreHealth EHR Administration panel 

How to install LibreHealth? - Requirements

  LibreHealth is developed with PHP and uses MySQL as Database, Anyone with basic PHP developing experience can install it, It can be installed easily on Linux , Windows or MacOSX.  The easiest way to install LibreHealth especially for Mac OSX and Windows is to use XAMPP or ( MAMP for Mac OSX/ WAMP for Windows ), which will provide you with Apache, PHP and MySQL plus other tools for server and database configurations.  If you are a developer, and know your way around Docker there are several Docker Images. LibreHealth community provided detailed instruction, documentation of how to install, configure LibreHealth.

LibreHealth Organization/ Community.

LibreHealth core team, has long years of experience with other open-source healthcare related communities and projects. LibreHealth community itself functions as an organisational Umbrella  to create, share and collaborate on multiple healthcare projects. It's also open for users, developers to contribute with transparency for planning, discussions, designs, and development process.

License :

  • LibreHealth EHR is licensed under MPL v2.0 ( Mozilla Public License Version 2) .src. The code inherited from OpenEMR is licensed under GPL 2 or higher. As the main LibreHealth project was a fork of OpenEMR.


  • LibreHealth Website
  • LibreHealth community repo project/ code :
  • LibreHealth EHR Gitlab Repository to download and install - source.
  • LibreHealth Radiology - source.
  • MPL v2.0 - src.

More :

  • Video : An Interview by Andy Oram with Open-Source Health IT Project: LibreHealth - src.
  • Video : LibreHealth Introduction - src.
  • LibreHealth EHR Prescriptions Module Tutorial - Video

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