Lifeograph is a Personal Diary and Journal Application

Lifeograph is a Personal Diary and Journal Application

Lifeograph is an open-source personal diary and journal application designed to help users document their thoughts, experiences, and memories. It provides a simple and intuitive interface for writing and organizing entries, allowing users to create a digital record of their lives.


1-Personal Reflection

Lifeograph is an ideal tool for personal reflection and self-expression. Users can write about their daily experiences, thoughts, and emotions, allowing them to gain insights, track personal growth, and reflect on past events.

2- Goal Tracking

Lifeograph can be used to set and track personal goals. Users can create entries to document their progress, challenges, and achievements, providing a visual representation of their journey toward specific objectives.

3- Memory Preservation

The application serves as a platform for preserving memories and significant life events. Users can store photos, videos, and other media alongside their written entries, creating a comprehensive record of their life's milestones.

4- Creative Writing

Lifeograph can also be used as a tool for creative writing. Users can explore their imagination, write stories, poems, or any form of creative expression within the application.

5- Mental Health Management

The act of journaling has been proven to have therapeutic benefits for mental health. Lifeograph can help users track their moods, emotions, and triggers, providing a valuable tool for managing and understanding their mental well-being.

Primary Features

  1. Tagging and Categorization: Lifeograph allows users to organize their entries using tags and categories. This feature enables efficient searching and filtering of entries based on specific topics or themes.
  2. Auto-Save and Backup: The application automatically saves entries as users type, ensuring that no content is lost. Additionally, Lifeograph provides backup and restore functionality to protect against data loss.
  3. Customization: Users can customize the appearance of the application, including fonts, colors, and themes, to create a personalized writing environment.
  4. Password Protection Notes: Lifeograph offers the option to password-protect entries, providing an additional layer of privacy and security for sensitive information.
  5. Import and Export: Users can import and export their entries in various formats, allowing for easy migration to and from other diary applications or for creating backups.
  6. Calendar View: Lifeograph provides a calendar view, allowing users to navigate and view entries based on specific dates.
  7. Reminder Notifications: Users can set reminders and notifications to prompt them to write daily, helping to establish a consistent journaling habit.
  8. Search and Filter: The app includes a search functionality that allows users to find specific keywords or phrases within their entries. Additionally, users can filter entries based on tags, categories, or date ranges.

Other Features

  • Supports encrypted (with real AES256 encryption) and unencrypted diaries
  • Automatically logs out when not used for some time (to protect your diary when you forget to log out doing some other thing) (optional)
  • Automatically formats entry titles and subheadings
  • Wiki-like rich text formatting (bold, italic, =strikeout=, etc...)
  • Text searching & replacing with a list of matches
  • Advanced filtering with combining different filterers with AND or OR
  • Themes in text editor with support for background images and a few stock themes
  • Favorite entries
  • Integrated map for travel notes and planning
  • Various to-do management features, including completion percentages
  • Very strong support for tagging, including parametric tags and inline tags for paragraph level tagging
  • Spell checking
  • Links between entries, and to URIs (http://, file://, mailto://, etc...)
  • Multiple automatic backups to prevent data loss
  • Printing individual entries or whole diaries
  • Statistical charts and some serious analytical capabilities (when combined with parametric tags)
  • Extraction of data from diary into tables which in turn can be pasted into spread-sheet programs
  • Images and charts in entries
  • Synchronization of diary files with each other (such as different versions on different machines)
  • Export diary file to plain text

Android Version

Android version does not have all the features in the Linux version, yet. (Most of the missing functionality will be implemented in the future releases.) The comparison of abilities on the two platforms are as follows:

  • Android version can open any file created by the desktop version. Unsupported information will be preserved on save
  • Trash is not supported
  • Check/bulleted/numbered lists are not supported in the entry editor
  • Themes are supported but they cannot be edited
  • Printing is not available


  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android


Overall, Lifeograph is a versatile personal diary and journal application that offers a range of features to support personal reflection, goal tracking, memory preservation, and creative writing. With its intuitive interface and productivity features, it provides a convenient platform for users to document and explore their lives in a digital format.


  • GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)


Download Lifeograph for free. private digital diary & note taking appliaciton. Lifeograph is a diary program to take personal notes on life. It has all essential functionality expected in a diary program and strives to have a clean and streamlined user interface.

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