Linhome is an open-source VoIP solution for building IP Intercom and video-based door entry systems.

The project includes a VoIP application, development library and VoIP server that allows developers to scale a large home intercom system.

The developers offer a white label app for phones, tablet, which also can be used for smart TVs.

The white label app is available for iOS and Android devices.


  1. Rich user and device management
  2. Built-in embedded SIP server
  3. VoIP SDKs for building mobile and desktop apps
  4. HD video with hardware H.264/H.265 codecs and HD voice with Opus
  5. Call forking to all connected devices with early media video
  6. Secure user authentication and state-of-the-art media encryption
  7. Easy integration into low-footprint embedded systems
  8. Based on standard protocols, interoperable with third party products
  9. Enabled for Apple's and Google's VoIP push notifications
  10. Multi-device on remote access via 3G/4G
  11. Multi-device support on the local local network