Logodust is a Free-to-use Open-source Logo Collection

Logodust is a Free-to-use Open-source Logo Collection

Making a new project and want a quick logo placeholder or even a free logo to use without a fuzz, then head to Logodust, it collects all open-source logos that are released to be used for personal and commercial use.

It is an ideal solution for designers and developers who wanna lunch their MVP or mockup faster without getting stuck in creating a brand-new logo or entrapped by ideas.

Logodust team adds new free logos frequently, which anyone can download them for free in a high quality SVG format.

Some logos are sponsored and listed by third-party services, however they are not different from the other one, as they are still free-to-use for personal and commercial projects.

Today, Logodust has grown into the #1 free logo design resource on the internet. More than half a million entrepreneurs & makers have used Logodust to give their freshly launched projects & businesses a quick placeholder logo mark. Enabling them to launch faster, focus on growth first and worry about building a brand later (once their product gets some initial traction). (src. Logodust)


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