massCode: A remarkable free code snippet manager for macOS (Free software)

massCode is a nifty open-source solution for developers that helps them organize their code snippets in multiple languages in a stylish organized way.

Developers have to use web services like GitHub Gist, which is hard to use offline, or often buy a commercial software to keep all snippets. Not anymore with massCode.

It is originally developed by "Anton Reshetov" a web and deskop app developer, who released it under AGPL V3.0.

The project gained popularity among developers. It is built on top of Vue, Electron and Monaco code editor.


  • It has a nice code editor which looks similar to VS Code.
  • Creative simple user-interface
  • Easy to organize snippets with tags and folders.
  • Supports Markdown format
  • Has an autosave mode, so you don't need to worry about saving your work.
  • Works completely offline
  • Offers a synchronization to different sources: iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, GitHub and more.
  • Full-text search engine which does not look only into your code snippets, but through your tags and code comments.
  • Dark theme and night-mode support
  • Favorites and bookmarks
  • Multiple languages support
  • Simple folder-based backup solution


macOS Windows and Linux


AGPL v3.0


code,development, snippet manager,devtools,web development,programming,education,webdev



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