Murus Lite: Firewall manager for macOS (Free app)

Murus macOS Firewall Unchained with rich-feature set and native user macOS user-interface. It's super user-friendly especially for non-technical users.

Murus unleashes the great power of the macOS built-in PF firewall. Protect your network resources using a very simple interface, take advantage of the many pro features available to design and implement your network infrastructure, to monitor performances and proactively filter dangerous traffic at network layer.
Murus is available in three different versions in order to meet everyone’s needs.
And there’s even more: port knocking, adaptive firewall, NAT and many other features including a blazing-fast logging system.


  • Protect your Mac using tools already built into macOS
  • Unleash the hidden power of PF, the macOS packer filter
  • Easy firewall configuration using the Assistant
  • Create firewall rules managing graphic objects
  • Visualize PF configuration using simplified layers of abstraction
  • Powerful custom rules system lets you create fully customized PF rulesets
  • Access a very large set of advanced networking features and options including bandwidth management
  • Block applications using the bundled Vallum application-layer firewall, be aware of what happens under the hood and which apps leak data to the network
  • Available in three flavors, including a free version


Murus Lite is a free edition (not an open-source), and the other editions are not free nor open-source


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