Mycorrhiza is a Flat-file Self-hosted Wiki Engine

Filesystem and git-based wiki engine written in Go using Mycomarkup as its primary markup language.

Mycorrhiza is a Flat-file Self-hosted Wiki Engine
Photo by Karim MANJRA / Unsplash

Mycorrhiza Wiki is an open-source wiki engine developed by Bouncepaw, who is assisted by other open-source contributors. Use Mycorrhiza for personal wikis, digital gardens and wikis for small teams or communities.


  • No database required. Everything is stored in plain files. It makes installation super easy, and you can modify the content directly by yourself.
  • Everything is hyphae. A hypha is a unit of content such as a picture, video or a text article. Hyphae can transclude and link each other, forming a tight network of hypertext pages.
  • Hyphae are authored in Mycomarkup, a markup language that's designed to be unambigious yet easy to use.
  • Categories let you organize hyphae without any hierarchy restrictions, with all the benefits of a category system.
  • Nesting of hyphae is also supported if you like hierarchies.
  • History of changes for textual parts of hyphae. Every change is safely stored in Git. Web feeds for recent changes included.
  • Keyboard-driven navigation. Press ? to see the list of shortcuts.
  • Support for authorization. Both plain username-password pairs and Telegram's login widget are supported.
  • Open Graph support. The most relevant info about a hypha is made available through OG meta tags for consumption by other software.
  • Easy deployment and setup


Mycorrhiza Wiki is released under the AGPL-3.0 License.


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