NetNewsWire os a free open-source RSS feed reader and organizer for macOS and iOS. It comes without ads, user tracking scripts, or any script that shares your information.

With NetNewsWire, you can organize your feeds in folders, mark them as read/ unread, and sync your data to iCloud, Feedly and other services.


  • Safari extension for easy feed-adding
  • Direct feed-downloading
  • Syncing via iCloud, Feedbin, Feedly, BazQux, Inoreader, NewsBlur, The Old Reader, and FreshRSS
  • Customizable article themes (Mac; coming soon to iOS)
  • Reader view
  • Sharing to Mail, MarsEdit,, Notes, Messages, and so on
  • Easy keyboard navigation
  • Single-key keyboard shortcuts
  • AppleScript support
  • Dark Mode
  • Starred articles
  • Special support for Twitter and Reddit feeds
  • All Unread and Today smart feeds
  • Hiding read articles and read feeds
  • Folders
  • Background refreshing
  • Importing and exporting OPML feed lists
  • Searching
  • Multiple accounts
  • Customizable toolbar
  • Apple Silicon native
  • Support for multiple windows (Mac)


  • macOS
  • iOS (iPhone and iPad)


macOS, iOS undefined




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