Notes: Fast and beautiful note-taking app written in C++. (Free software)

Notes is an open source and cross-platform note-taking app that is both beautiful and powerful.


  • Native app (written in C++ with Qt).
  • Fast with a low memory footprint.
  • Fully open source and cross-platform (Linux, macOS, Windows).
  • Completely private - tracks nothing.
  • Beautiful and sleek looking, yet still powerful.
  • Folders and tags. Organize your ideas hierarchically using nested folders and universally using tags.
  • Markdown Support. Format text without lifting your hands from the keyboard.
  • Different themes. Switch between Light, Dark, and Sepia.
  • Feed View. Select multiple notes to see them all one after another in the editor.
  • Always runs in the background. Use the hotkey Win+Shift+N to summon Notes. Ctrl+N for macOS.
  • Keyboard shortcuts. Meant to have the option to be used solely with a keyboard (but more work needs to be done there).


These are the default keyboard shortcuts provided by Notes.

Right now they can't be easily customized, but that's on the roadmap! :)

Global shortcuts

On supported systems, these shortcuts can be activated even if Notes' window is not active at the moment.

Sequence Description
Win + Shift + N (Windows) Toggle Notes' window visibility
Ctrl + N (macOS) Toggle Notes' window visibility
Meta + Shift + N (Linux) Toggle Notes' window visibility

Local shortcuts

These shortcuts are meant to be used while the Notes window is currently focused.

Sequence Description
Ctrl + N Create a new note
Ctrl + D Delete selected note
Ctrl + F Focus on the search bar
Ctrl + E Clear the search bar
Ctrl + (or just ) Select note below
Ctrl + (or just ) Select note above
Ctrl + Enter Focus on the text editor
Ctrl + Shift + F Toggle full screen mode
F11 Toggle full screen mode
Esc Exit full screen mode
Ctrl + Shift + L Maximize Notes
Ctrl + Shift + M Minimize Notes
Ctrl + Shift + S Toggle Editor Settings' window visibility
Ctrl + Q Quit Notes
Ctrl + K (macOS, Windows) Toggle 'stay on top'
Ctrl + Shift + S Open Editor Settings
Ctrl + J Toggle 'notes' panel visibility
Ctrl + Shift + J Toggle 'folders' panel visibility
Ctrl + A Select all listed notes
Ctrl + ` Wrap current word or selection into ` ` (code)
Ctrl + B Wrap current word or selection into ** ** (bold)
Ctrl + I Wrap current word or selection into * * (italic)
Ctrl + S Wrap current word or selection into ~ ~ (strikethrough)
Alt + Up Move current block up
Alt + Down Move current block down
Ctrl + Shift + - Decrease heading size
Ctrl + Shift + = Increase heading size
Ctrl + (1 through 6) Set a specific heading size
Ctrl + \ Remove formatting from current word or selection
F10 Toggle visibility of the dots menu


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MPL-2.0 license





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