OpenDICOM.NET is a Cross-platform open source DICOM development library for .NET, It provides an extensive DICOM library for C#/ .NET and Mono framework, among other useful tools to build extensive DICOM applications for multiple platforms.

It's Cross-platform

It does not mean the OpenDICOM was built on Microsoft it'll not run on other platforms as( Linux and Mac OSX ), There is Mono project which is an open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET Framework to make .NET software runs on Linux and MacOSX. OpenDICOM has been built to support Mono developers to build cross-platform DICOM apps.

OpenDICOM.NET in action


OpenDICOM-sharp is an extensive DICOM API in C#, It supports DICOM conversions to multiple formats including jpeg and XML.


OpenDICOM-utils is a set of console tools, application, and scripts to support many DICOM operations as querying, displaying, file converting, and transcoding. It was built using OpenDICOM-sharp library.


OpenDICOM-Navigator is a GUI DICOM browser and viewer using GTK UI library, It was built using OpenDICOM-sharp and OpenDICOM-utils, It provides GIMP ( GNU Image Manipulation Program ) communication layer to support single DICOM image processing and file conversion to multiple formats.


OpenDICOM beagle provides useful extension  the search functionalities of beagle to look for DICOM files including the DICOM meta, Beagle is a cross-platform system launcher and search tool, It provides extensive search tool for multiple desktops especially Linux, Windows and Mac OSX, though the project has not been in development for sometime, It's still usable in many Linux distros.


  • OpenDICOM-sharp has been released under LGPL including the documentation
  • The other utilities as OpenDICOM-utils and OpenDICOM-Navigator are released under GPL license.

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