dicom: an Open-source DICOM Parser for The Go Language

dicom: an Open-source DICOM Parser for The Go Language
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The dicom  or formerly "go-dicom" is a library and command-line tool to read, write, and generally work with DICOM medical image files in native Go.

The goal is to build a full-featured, high-performance, and readable DICOM parser for the Go community.

The project is started by Suyash Kumar, a software engineer at @google health, formerly founder at @gradienthealth and @microelastic, eng @uber, BSE in Biomedical Eng & Computer Science from Duke.


  • Parse multi-frame DICOM imagery (both encapsulated and native pixel data)
  • Channel-based streaming of Frames to a client as they are parsed out of the dicom
  • Cleaner Go Element and Dataset representations (in the absense of Go generics)
  • Better support for icon image sets in addition to primary image sets
  • Write and encode Datasets back to DICOM files
  • Enhanced testing and benchmarking support
  • Modern, canonical Go.


The project is released as an open-source project under the MIT License.


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