PhotoDemon is a lightweight open-source photo editor for Windows

What is PhotoDemon?

PhotoDemon is a free portable photo editor focused on pro-grade features, high performance, and maximum usability. It is a lightweight software that does have a large size like other photo editing apps or require a lot of hardware resources.

PhotoDemon provides a comprehensive photo editor in a 13 MB download. It runs on any Windows PC (XP through Win 11) and it does not require installation. You can run it from a USB stick, SD card, or portable drive.

It supports batch processing, and comes with a familiar interface for users who use GIMP and Adobe Photoshop.

Alternative for:

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. Pixlr
  3. Corel AfterShot Pro
  4. Photo Pos Pro
  5. PhotoDirector
  6. GIMP

PhotoDemon Features


Pro-grade features and tools

  • Extensive file format support, including Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Corel PaintShop Pro (PSP), and all major camera RAW formats
  • Portable software: It can work without an installation from any portable media
  • Dozens of filters and effective
  • Super rich photo editing tools set
  • It supports images and layers
  • Color-managed workflow, including full support for embedded ICC profiles
  • Advanced multi-layer support, including editable text layers and non-destructive layer modifications
  • On-canvas tools: digital paintbrushes, clone and pattern brushes, interactive gradients, and more
  • Adjustment tools: levels, curves, HDR, shadow/highlight recovery, white balance, and many more
  • Filters and effects: perspective correction, edge detection, noise removal, content-aware blur, unsharp masking, green screen, lens diffraction, vignetting, and many more
  • More than 200 tools are provided in the current build.


PhoptoDemon works on Windows from Windows XP till the most recent release of Windows Windows 11.


PhotoDemon is BSD-licensed. This allows you to use its source code in any application, commercial or otherwise, if you supply proper attribution. Proper attribution includes a notice of copyright and disclaimer of warranty.

PhotoDemon uses some 3rd-party open-source libraries. These libraries are found in the /App/PhotoDemon/Plugins folder. These libraries have their own licenses, separate from PhotoDemon.

Full licensing details are available in