Plash enables you to have a highly dynamic desktop wallpaper. You could display your favorite news site, Facebook feed, or a random beautiful scenery photo. The use-cases are limitless. You could even set an animated GIF as wallpaper. You can even add multiple websites and easily switch between them.


  • Show a remote or local website
  • Interact with the website (“Browsing Mode”)
  • Automatically reload the website at a custom interval
  • Add multiple websites
  • Show the website on a different display
  • Invert website colors (fake dark mode)
  • Add custom CSS and JavaScript to the website
  • Lower the opacity
  • Transparent background
  • Automatically deactivate while on battery
  • Audio is muted
  • A single image will be aspect-filled to your screen
  • Hide menu bar icon
  • Shortcuts support
  • Scriptable
  • Share extension
  • Developer friendly

Download Plash

You can download Plash directly from Apple macOS application store. It requires macOS 11 or later.


The project is released and distributed under the MIT License.


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