pREST is a Libre Low-Code API Engine

pREST is a Libre Low-Code API Engine
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pREST is a free open-source low-code platform that allows you to create a RESTful web apps without the usual setup and configuration complexity.

It accelerates your development and provides you a real-time high-performance layer to build a scalable app.

pREST uses PostgreSQL, and it can be deployed in simple steps using Docker.

It comes with a secure JWT Auth Middleware that uses a JSON Web Token. Moreover, you can also to migrate your apps easily with it.

pREST comes with a built-in restrict permission system that allows developers to create multi-level users and user groups in a snap.

Database engineers and admins will find the SQL Queries manager and SQL scripts manager as handy tools as you can run your SQL scripts easily or define templates that you can deploy in mins.

pREST is written in the Go programming language, which proven to be reliable in enterprise-grade apps.

pREST implements all HTTP verbs, transcribing to SQL ANSI (American National Standards Institute) statements.

The API endpoints allows you access to all the databases, schemas, tables, and records. However, you can also select who do what, through the API.

pREST is ready to integrate with TimescaleDB, and Amazon Redshift.


The project is released under the MIT License.


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