What is InstantCRM?

ImpactCRM is a cloud-based and on-premise solution that utilizes Telegram Bot to enhance your customer support and increase patient satisfaction.

With ImpactCRM, you can directly personalize your communication with customers/patients, allowing you to create and send surveys in real-time, schedule messages, and register appointments.

Furthermore, any form of communication, such as a message, answered survey, or question and answer, can be converted into a ticket.

Benefits of using our ImpactCRM!

  • Integrate a chatbot feature to handle common customer inquiries and redirect complex issues to a human customer support representative.
  • Add a customer feedback feature that allows customers to rate the quality of service they received and provide suggestions for improvement.
  • Implement a ticketing system to track and manage customer requests and inquiries.
  • Provide customers with a self-service option to access their account information, such as billing history and order status.
  • Allow customers to schedule appointments with customer support representatives for more personalized assistance.
  • Implement a knowledge base feature where customers can access helpful articles and resources to troubleshoot common issues.
  • Use analytics to track customer interactions and identify areas for improvement in customer support processes.
  • Offer multilingual support to cater to a wider range of customers.
  • Use automation to send follow-up messages and gather feedback after customer support interactions.
  • Provide personalized customer support based on customer history and preferences.