Scriptable is a free, tiny iOS app that helps you automate your tasks on your iPhone and iPad using only plain JavaScript. With Scriptable, the limitation is only your imagination.

It is the brain-child of Simon Støvring, who pioneered similar innovative apps for iOS.

If you code in JavaScript, then, you will find Scriptable the right tool to turn your iPhone into an automated intelligent informative machine.


Scriptable fully integrates with iOS Native APIs, allows you to run Siri shortcuts on-fly, plays well with and offers a direct communication with other apps using x-callback-url.

Seamlessly Create iOS widgets

Scriptable helps you to create a custom iOS widget. It takes only one file with simple functions to create an informative widget about almost anything.

Scriptable on iPhone 8 Plus
Scriptable on iPhone 8 Plus

Developer-friendly system

Scriptable documentation
Scriptable documentation

It comes with a set of several examples, which an easy-to-read code and a rich in-app documentation.

Code from within your iPad or iPhone


You can easily code or modify an existing code from within the system, with the help of a rich documentation that comes ready for iPad/ iPhone screens, with indexed navigation and full-text search.


If you don't know JavaScript, it is ok, Scriptable has a significant community of generous developers who create and share their widgets for every one.

Here are some free scripts you may use:

  1. Countdown: Simple countdown to dates.
  2. daysUntilBirthday: List of upcoming birthdays from contacts.
  3. scriptable-calendar-widget - Customizable calendar.
  4. ScriptableWordClockWidget - Clock showing the current time in writing.
  5. CryptoDepotWidget - A widget showing your crypto balances.
  6. btc-usd-course.js - Shows the current bitcoin course in USD.
  7. Coronavirus.js - Covid-19 cases of a selected country.
  8. incidence.js - Covid-19 incidence data for Germany.
  9. incidence_at.js - Covid-19 incidence data for Austria.
  10. vaccination-stats.js - Covid-19 vaccination statistics for Germany.
  11. sonntagsfrage - The latest German political poll results.


Although the system is not an open-source, but it is free to use, build script for it and install it on your iPhone and iPad without any fee.