Seahorse: Open-source free Image editing app for macOS

If you need to edit your photos on macOS, you can find dozens of proprietary closed-source programs.

You can find many free cross-platform packages which are not custom for macOS and requires a steep learning curve.

With Seahorse, it is different.

Seahorse is a lightweight, open-source photo editing app built exclusively for macOS.

It is similar to Adobe Photoshop, where it manages Layers, has dozens of tools and advanced selection tools.

However, it does not have filters, plugins, or mods that extend its functionalities. It may get some in the future, tho.

Seahorse uses GIMP v2.0 XCF format, which you can edit in easily in the GIMP program.

Seahorse, exports too PNG, GIMP image, TIFF, HEIC image, JPEG, JPEG 2000, and GIF.

More Seahorse notable features

  1. Dozens of Brushes
  2. Customizable toolbar
  3. Layer names and options
  4. Gradient manager
  5. Stamp tool
  6. Apply custom editing modes to selection (Blur, Color effects, Stylize,  Color effect, and Enhance)

If you need any quick app to edit your photos without worrying about subscription, payment, or limited features for your macOS machine, try Seahorse.


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