A simple CLI for streaming media files over a local network to UPnP media renderers.

Designed to work with cheap HDMI/DLNA/UPnP/Miracast Dongles.


  • Stream a video file to a UPnP Media Renderer
  • Play and pause video during playback
  • Skip forward and backward during playback
  • Add subtitles to the video
  • Integrate with FFmpeg to do on the fly transcoding

How to use Slinder?

Make sure you have a UPnP streamer online on your local network, then run:

$ slingr ~/path/to/media.file

To target a specific device:

$ slingr --device ~/path/to/media.file

To add subtitles to the playback:

$ slingr --subtitles ~/path/to/subtitles.file ~/path/to/media.file

How to control?

During playback use the following controls:

  • Space - Play / Pause
  • q - Quit


Slinger is released under the GPL-3.0 License.