SQLiteFlow: SQLite Editor for Mac & iOS (Free app)

SQLiteFlow is an SQLite editor for Mac & iOS which is intuitive, stable and reliable to use.

SQLiteFlow is a native SQLite editor for macOS and iOS systems. Despite its lightweight, it comes with great benefits for developers and seamless integration with the system. It works smoothly on iPhone, and iPad as well.

General Features

  • Rich data editor
  • SQL query editor
  • Multi-query execution
  • SQL syntax
  • CSV import and export
  • Table Schema editor
  • Customize syntax highlighting.
  • Copy data to CSV
  • Alter table fields
  • Built-in macOS
  • Database statistics
  • Remote DB connection
  • Drag-and-drop support
  • Database encryption support


Supports import CSV data.


  • In Data Editor or Query Results, supports export data to CSV, JSON or Markdown.
  • In Data Editor, supports export data to Insert Statement or Update Statement if possible.

Database Statistics

  • Display table counts and each table’s record count.
  • Display total size of each table, size of each table’s content and size of each table’s indexes.

Data Editor

  • View, edit or add table data.
  • View table data with a convenient data filter.
  • Edit blob data as hex or show it as preview if possible.
  • Copy data to CSV,JSON, Markdown, and to Insert Statement or Update Statement if possible.

Table Schema

  • View, edit or add table fields, indexes, foreign keys, checks.
  • View triggers.
  • View DDL.
  • Preview the query that for altering table

Database Diff

  • Supports generate SQL text that can let you transform a database into another.
  • Supports show a summary of the differences between two databases.

Remote Connect

  • Supports open remote SQLite database in iPhone or iPad with SQLiteFlow(iOS) installed.

Attach Database

  • Attach opened databases without any code. This is a very handy way to do attach database thing, and could save a lot of your time from writing ATTACH DATABASE commands if your business mode relies on it.

Drag and Drop

  • Drag and drop to open databases and sql scripts.
  • Create multiple windows.

Inside Explorer

  • Show inside data structure of SQLite database file, journal file, WAL file and WAL-Index file.

Access Simulator

  • Supports access Apple simulator. So you can open your app’s Documents directory more easily than before when developing your apps.

Handle Database File Name or Directory Changes

  • One of a cool thing that benefit from this feature is, this makes SQLiteFlow can work friendly with your SQLite databases in iOS simulator.

Database Encryption

  • Supports handle encrypted SQLite databases which are encrypted by SQLCipher library.


  • Supports “Run Query” action.
  • Supports “Import CSV” action.

LLDB Co-worker

  • Supports sfopen command. Let you open a copy of a temporary local database that originally in debugged device.
  • Supports sfsave command. Let you copy the temporary local database (that originally created by sfopen command) to debugged device.


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