Tania is a free and open source farm management software. You can manage your farm areas, farm reservoirs, farm tasks, inventories, and the crop growing progress. It is designed for any type of farms.

Tania is written in the Go programming language, which means it runs directly as a binary software without the need for software like MAMP, XAMPP, or WAMPP. However, you may need MySQL if you decide to use it instead of SQLite.

Currently, Tania is available to download and use for Windows and Linux systems. However, you can also build it yourself for your systems.

The program comes with a responsive clutter-clean interface, that allows you to record your progress, manage tasks, evaluate your production, and of course manage your inventory and stock.

Developers can make a use of the REST-API that Tania offers to build custom apps, or integrate with third-party services and other solutions.


The community edition (v.1.7.) is currently released under the Code licensed with Apache 2.0.


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