TerriaJS is an open-source web-based geospatial cataloging framework

TerriaJS is an open-source framework for web-based geospatial catalog explorers.

TerriaJS is a feature rich open source solution for building amazing spatial data federation web platforms.

TerriaJS powers world-leading platforms such as Australia's NationalMap and the New South Wales Digital Twin Visualisation Service and facilitates the exploration of satellite imagery from Digital Earth Australia. Data publishers can assemble catalogues of spatial datasets with a combination of hand curation and federation - live querying of online data services.


  1. 3D AND 4D VISUALISATION: Visualise your data on 3D terrain, fall back to 2D on older systems or switch between them on the fly, based on Cesium and Leaflet.
  2. Comparison tools
  3. Charting
  4. Supports time series
  5. Live data catalogs
  6. It supports varies geospatial formats
  7. Geoprocessing
  8. Automatic region mapping
  9. Responsive user-friendly interface
  10. Export data stories
  11. Automatic changes detection
  12. Comes with a strong scene editor


The project is released as an open-source under the Apache 2.0 License