TiddlyWiki : Open source one file wiki that runs everywhere.

I have been using TiddlyWiki for sometime now, It's very useful, productive and most importantly provide me with many options at once with ease of use : taking notes, summarising my studies, project management, and writing. With no hustle, no restrictions and no time ti set it up.


Installation :

Just download the file and open it in your browser and start using it.

Saving :

Saving was a bit tricky before as the user had to download the file over and over again, unless using only Firefox with Tiddlywiki extensions for saving and re-writing on the file. But now Tiddlywiki team and community have created many tools to save and backup the wikis locally and on the cloud.

Backup :

Copy the file, save it on the cloud, Or use the tools provided by TiddlyWiki to use the file already based on the cloud : as Google Drive and Dropbox.


Send the file as html file to your friends. But if you used : Dropbox or Google Driver Just share the file/ Directory with your colleagues.

Increase your options:

Tiddly wiki has many plugins. so you can extend its functionalities easy.

Works everywhere :

Tiddlywiki now works with all major browsers and mobile phones as iPhone and Android based devices.

How can i use Tiddkywiki:

Usage of TiddlyWiki:

  • Writing
  • Note Taking
  • Documents writing
  • Todo list
  • Projects Management
  • Shopping list
  • Log book
  • Private Notes " Its Encrypted "
  • Resume , CV.
  • Blog

TiddlyWiki has many options now to help its users to backup, store their data into the cloud : Google drive, Dropbox, and WebDav. Its also supporting all major browsers as Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.


Hamza Mu Author: Hamza Mu

A physician with programming skills and Linux user.