Top IoT trends to expect in 2021

Top IoT trends to expect in 2021

Before heading towards the IoT trends that we are likely to observe in 2021 and further, why not discuss IoT a bit?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a tech focusing on the principle of machines behaving more like humans and ruling the planet just like they do in sci-fi movies.

Over recent years, IoT has been remarkable in making its existence felt in various sectors – ranging from healthcare to transport and security to our everyday lives.

So, without any further ado, let’s find out the top trends in IoT that we are likely to witness in 2021 and beyond.

IoT security

With the widely increasing fame of IoT, the volume of associated network and data are also increasing. Perhaps, the sad thing is that it has also made information more vulnerable to misuse and attack by cybercriminals.

In the upcoming time, IoT will be available to provide people with a better security system. The call for this security came up after the convolutions of the diverse nature of the IoT technology. Measures to prevent hacking of IoT devices are going to be the top priority of developers and programmers across the world.

Advanced healthcare

IoT in the healthcare domain has been a talk of the town for a long time. Popularly known as the ‘internet of medical things’, it is predicted to increase with a speed of 26.2% per annum to reach $72.07 billion by the year 2021.

Highly structured tools and tech are being fed into devices such as wearables, drones (specially designed for medical purposes), patient implants, and virtual assistants to aid the patients such that they can have post-operative procedures at the comfort of their homes. It will also help the doctors and medical team in better monitoring, accurate diagnosis, and care of the patients.

Edge computing to take over cloud computing

We all must pay consideration to this emerging drift in the field of IoT. Over a few couple of years, IoT devices used to keep their data on the cloud. Now, the IoT programmers have begun looking at the efficacy of keeping, calculating, and evaluating data to the limit.

Now, what does this mean? Basically, rather than transmitting your complete data to the cloud server or storage, your device will first transmit it to some nearby local storage.

After receiving the data from the IoT device, the local storage will analyze it to filter and calculate before forwarding it to the cloud. Therefore, only a segment of your data will be uploaded to the cloud.

As a result, the connectivity with the cloud will decrease to an extent. It will also reduce the costs of security needed for the protection of your data.

2021 is good-to-go to witness the improved high-tech IT in IoT.

Personalized retail experience

In the next few years, the Internet of Things will transform the management of the retail supply chain into something even smarter. It will improvise the online shopping experience of the users - making it simpler and faster for them. Users will get a tailored retail experience with this tool, while the brands will be able to boost their online presence.

If you want to have unique applications for your business needs, you can hire an IoT App Development Company to get your work done.

Developers are embedding sensors and other smart tools to make online shopping a cakewalk.

IoT Governance

With the continuous expansion of IoT in various domains, the requirement for a governance framework has become extremely important. This framework must be able to assure apt behavior during the curation, storage, usage, and removal of data and information associated with various IoT projects.

The governance will cover everything from small technical tasks such as conducting device audits to more complex processes like the control of devices. The CIOs need to take charge of spreading awareness in their administrations on various governance issues.

Predictive maintenance

Apart from the other emerging trends of the Internet of Things, predictive maintenance is one. Predictive maintenance, with the help of IoT, will assist the owners in getting information regarding any damages or leakages in their houses. This will, in turn, result in avoiding disasters while ensuring the proper upkeep of the house.

We are going to receive house repair offers in the form of contract service. The firms would take care of your house issues (such as leakage or damage), whether you are present there or not.

Better data analysis

We will be surprised by this most prominent trend of IoT - the connected world and IoT. How can these two things be combined with AI for becoming an enhanced decision-making assistant for various organizations and people?

If you are unaware, artificial intelligence is an ML system that can quickly identify trends in data and other digital information. Users will deal with better data analysis while making it easier to protect them.

Not only business decisions, but IoT will also assist in collecting insights from the data for making decisions for our daily lives. To know more about the role of AI in the IoT, you can read this blog here.

From Agriculture to Agritech

Perhaps, this is one of the most crucial benefits of IoT in terms of capabilities. The Internet of Things can aid farmers in boosting their production and making better decisions about planting and rearing crops - this is widely famous as smart farming.

It is marking significant difference processes such as monitoring the livestock, forecasting the climate and planning accordingly, observing the crop, and administering the fertilizers using drones, etc.

By the end of this year, the global shipment of IoT devices specifically for agriculture is expected to touch $75M.

Smart cars on the way

With the arrival of 5G, the auto industry is going to experience a massive transformation. Also, driverless cars, along with other connected vehicles, will benefit from this faster data transmission.

We understand that it would be tough for you to imagine your car as an IoT device. But trust us, it is going to become one soon. The new smart cars on the road will be able to assess your data while linking you with other IoT devices – including other smart vehicles on the road.

To sum up…

We hope you found this article useful and want to use its information to scale your organization’s growth. However, it would help if you keep in mind that the Internet of Things is not implemented in one go. Instead, it’s a step-by-step process that gives inspiration to nearly universal digital changes.

The IoT trends mentioned above will put the spotlight on both users and businesses to show that the future has already come into reality. IoT is soon going to hit all aspects of people’s lives from the business level to every household level.

Author: James Grills

James Grills is currently associated with Cumulations Technologies, a . He is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IoT technology.

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