Windi CSS is Sunsetting, Move to UnoCSS

Windi CSS is Sunsetting, Move to UnoCSS
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What is Windi CSS?

Windi CSS is a free and open-source CSS framework alternative to TailwindCSS, I used it in couple of projects as it is easy to integrate and has exactly what i need. If you know Tailwind you already know Windi CSS.

The Sunset

However, as all great stuff comes to an end, it is shutting down.

Windi CSS, initiated in December 2020 to address Tailwind's performance issues, is sunsetting due to limited resources and time for maintenance. While no new features will be added, security fixes will be provided as needed.

Existing users can continue to use it, but for new projects, alternatives like UnoCSS or Tailwind CSS are recommended. The Windi CSS team expresses gratitude to the community for their support and collaboration.

Windi CSS
Next generation utility-first CSS framework.


UnoCSS is an amazing efficient and customizable CSS framework. Parallel to Windi CSS, it emerges as a potent alternative to Tailwind CSS Framework. It champions the utility-first approach similar to its counterparts, yet it distinguishes itself with unique features. Its proprietary plugin system empowers users to enhance functionality on-demand, and its high-performance runtime guarantees swift builds.

UnoCSS Features

  • Utility-first approach
  • Instant No parsing, no AST, no scanning. It's 5x faster than Windi CSS or Tailwind CSS JIT.
  • Super lightweight
  • Highly customizable
  • Proprietary plugin system for enhanced functionality
  • High-performance runtime for swift builds
  • Shortcuts
  • Rich integration
  • Pure CSS Icons
  • Variant group
  • Simple configuration
  • CLI tool
  • Rich Presets libraries


Windi CSS, created to improve Tailwind's performance, is ending due to limited maintenance resources, but will still provide security fixes. UnoCSS, a highly efficient and customizable CSS framework, is recommended as an alternative. It offers a utility-first approach, a unique plugin system for added functionality, and a high-performance runtime for quick builds.

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