Take control of your macOS Menubar with the xbar app

The xbar app is a lightweight, open-source native app for macOS that helps you create a custom menu, apps, scripts that runs directly from your menubar.

The app is the brainchild of Mat Ryer who is an engineering director at @grafana - Gopher, developer, speaker, author (Go Programming Blueprints) - Xbar (BitBar reboot) xbarapp.com.

It is a modular system that allows users to build and run their own custom scripts.

The xbar is written with the Go programming language, and uses Objective-C for native macOS binding.

I have been using the xbar app for a quite sometime, It is proven to be a useful handy tool particularly to track cryptocurrency, news, and COVID-19 statistics.

The xbar app Features

  1. Totally free, and open-source software that you can install without worrying about hidden in-app purchase
  2. A lightweight app that does not eat your system resources
  3. The xbar app has a vast ecosystem which include dozens of useful scripts
  4. It includes hundreds of pre-build plugins by default
  5. You can write your own custom plugin and script in any language
  6. Easy to install and use plugins



The xbar app is a free, open-source software that is released under the MIT License (MIT).