Yarle: Converts Evernote notes to Markdown (Free app)

Yarle is the ultimate converter of Evernote notes to Markdown.


  • 📝 Any text
  • 📝 All metadata: original creation time, last modification time, tags, GPS location, notebook name, source URL
  • 🔗 External links
  • 🔗 Internal links among Evernote notes
  • 💻 Codeblocks
  • 🖼️ Inline Images
  • 📎 Attachments
  • 📄 Webclips


  • 🚀 Creates Markdown files matching to user-defined templates, see Templates introduced. See How to use templates with YARLE for details.
  • 💡 Metadata support: Puts title, creation time, update time, tags, and latlong source, notebook, link to original html meta-information into md as metadata. (To set them, please set up a custom template)
  • 🔨 Updates md files' creation, access, and modification timestamps according to the notes' original create/update/modification time.
  • 🔨 Organizes all attachments into a _resources subfolder (to keep the notes' folder as simple as possible).

Works with

  • 📓 single enex file (one notebook exported from Evernote)
  • 📚 or a folder of enex files supported (several notebooks exported and placed into the same folder locally)

Imports your notes to

  • Obsidian
  • LogSeq
  • Tana


macOS Windows and Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint)


MIT license





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