YuranPad: An Advanced Text Editor for Developers

YuranPad: An Advanced Text Editor for Developers

YuranPad is a free text editor, for Windows and Unix/Linux platforms. It was released on 2020 as an alternative for Notepad.

YuranPad written in FP Lazarus Project, an open-source library of visual components and a powerful IDE for rapid cross-platform development. Lazarus may be the most native cross-platform development environment running on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

YuranPad include support of ASCII, ANSI, and Unicode documents : UTF8 UTF16-BE UTF16-LE UTF32 (with BOM) and support of Chinese and Japanese characters.

YuranPad include useful tools & features : Case and EOL conversion, Favorites and recent files, 1clic stats, export to .docx, .odt, .pdf, .rtf, .html, search & replace, search with Google, file backup, clips, spaces & text tools.


  • 100 % Clean Software : no spyware, no adware, no viruses
  • Cross-platform Software : Windows, Linux
  • Fast and reliable text editor application, with no extra features or options that make it hard for user to navigate or to learn.
  • Various files extension edition : .txt(Text) .html(HTML) .php(Php) .css(CSS) .js(Javascript) .pas(Pascal) …
  • Get all Stats : number of lines, characters, words, letters and digits ... in text document with one-click.
  • Select Fonts/Color of editor.
  • Blankness removal tool that auto-delete all spaces and blanks in text document.
  • Set selected text or all with Uppercase/Lowercase format.
  • Insert Date(Ctrl’D), Time (Ctrl'T), Date+Time.
  • Ability for user to preview and print text document.
  • Full text file path
  • Recent files(history of last opened or saved files).
  • Support Dropped-files opening by mouse.
  • Icons set that makes editor more user-friendly and to get right tasks in main menu.
  • Installation : 8 languages support
  • New : Page Setup, Print Preview
  • New : Export to PDF
  • New : Export to RTF
  • New : Export to DOCX
  • New : Export to ODT
  • New : Support ANSI, UTF8, UTF16 (LE, BE) and others encoding
  • New : Support Chinese and Japanese characters
  • New : File Encoding detection
  • New : Linux version released
  • New : Search "selected text" with Google Search Engine
  • New : File Backup
  • New : Case and EOL conversion
  • New : Favorites Files
  • New : Clips Tool
  • New : ToolBar
  • New : Notification of File changing on disk by another program
  • New : Detailed Statistics
  • New : Interface translation to French language
  • New : UTF32 (BOM) support


  1. Windows
  2. macOS
  3. Linux: Debian, Arch Linux, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, and CentOS.


  1. Download and source code

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