Accessibility lawsuits and disability rights activists convinced website owners that they need to make their sites accessible, but most options are either too expensive or don’t work properly.

Except for accessiBe, the AI-powered full accessibility solution. It’s the only all-in-one solution that makes every website accessible for blind users who rely on screen readers, keyboard-only users who can’t use a mouse, people with visual impairments, hearing loss, cognitive disabilities, and more.

accessiBe helps website owners comply with all accessibility regulations, including WCAG 2.1, ADA title III, section 508, and EN 301509. It’s also GDPR compliant.

It is easy to install and works fast, achieving full accessibility within 48 hours. It re-scans the site every 24 hours to check for new content or updated settings and automatically remediate them.

Most visitors to an accessiBe-protected site won’t notice any differences. Only visitors with disabilities will click on the accessibility icon to open the interface and choose which adjustments to make.

Key features

  1. Full accessibility within 48 hours
  2. Easy to use — no need to code
  3. Compatible with all leading screen readers
  4. Complete keyboard-only navigability
  5. Customizable interface and icons
  6. Rescans every 24 hours
  7. Doesn’t affect page loading times
  8. Customizable page design for each user
  9. “Stop animations” button for users with epilepsy
  10. Adjusts contrast, font, color, text size, and more
  11. Support for users with cognitive disabilities
  12. ADHD-friendly profile
  13. Online dictionary
  14. 12 languages
  15. Navigates popups and forms
  16. Adds alt tags
  17. Creates ARIA attributes
  18. Supports every web hosting platforms
  19. Full accessibility statement
  20. Accesses dynamic content
  21. Virtual keyboard

A 3-minute demo

Use cases

The service can be use in eCommerce websites, educational websites for teens and kids with disabilities. It also can be integrated with many CMS and eCommerce solutions like WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop and more.

Install accessiBe

accessiBe has no special requirements for installation. When you register to use it, you’ll be sent a short snippet of code to copy and paste into your HTML template, or you can add it through Google Tag Manager or a CMS extension like WordPress, BigCommerce, Drupal, or Joomla. The AI engine does all the rest of the work.



Photo by Emre Kuzu from Pexels