Ackee: The Google Analytics Open-source alternative for 2021

Ackee is a free real-time web analytics tool built on top of Node.js and MongoDB. It comes with a fancy simple user-interface which summarize all insights in a clear organized dashboard.

While there are a dozen of open-source free website analytics solutions, Ackee is built upon modern technologies and offers a real-time tracking for multiple domain and website at the same time.

Ackee features a simple dashboard, easy-to-setup ways on different deployment platforms and and seamless privacy-aware tracking script.

Why do we need another Google Analytics alternative?

Google Analytics is a website analytics platform, hosted by Google. It is free and comes with a large set of features and analytic tools to help content creators improve their websites.

However, It is complicated for non-tech-savvy users and requires time to learn and master. Also, some users consider having the collected data at Google is a wrong thing, so an easy-to-use, self-hosted and open-source alternative is a good choice.

The reasons why we like Ackee

  1. Easy to install
  2. Tracker script with privacy-aware features
  3. Supports multiple (unlimited) domain (websites)
  4. Insightful summaries
  5. Developer-friendly API
  6. Instant (Real-time Analytics)


  1. Simple summarized dashboard
  2. Clean user-interface
  3. Open-source: own your data
  4. Self-hosted
  5. Multiple domain (sites) support (unlimited)
  6. Multiple deployment and installation options
  7. GraphQL API for developers
  8. Real-time analytics
  9. Decision-ready insights
  10. Cookies-free analytics
  11. Integration-ready to another apps
  12. Developers can extend its functionality on-the-fly
  13. Track: languages, visitors, durations, colors, operating systems, devices, screen resolutions, browser information and more
  14. keyboard shortcuts
  15. Events tracking
  16. Linux Systemd support

Deployment options

Ackee offers many setup options with detailed instructions, so you can choose the right platform for you without worrying about complicated setup instructions.

Here is where you can easily deploy and run Ackee:

  1. Docker Compose
  2. Docker
  3. Helm
  4. Build from source
  5. Netlify
  6. Vercel
  7. Heroku
  8. Qovery
  9. Render
  10. Railway

The Tech stack

Ackee is built with Node.js and uses MongoDB as the default database store.


Ackee is released as an open-source project under MIT license which allows commercial use, modification, distribution and private use. But, be aware, MIT license does not support warranty or liability, and you should use Ackee with copyright and license notice.


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