The death of Dr. Li Wenliang (Feb.7.2020) sparks outrage as he was the first whistleblower for the current outbreak. Until this moment, many human rights groups and civil groups worldwide are demanding an investigation into his alleged grievance and speech suppression.

Dr. Li Wenliang
Dr. Li Wenliang

Corruption from the beginning

China tried to cover up the outbreak, which results in a disaster spreading to other countries.

Since then, we are cursed by ignorant regimes repeating China’s actions and expecting different results. There is no surprise here, they all breastfed from the same source: “Corruption”. So we have Iran and Egypt. (راضعين من نفس البز)

The only description for what we are seeing right now is a late case of God complex with a false sense of undefeated superpower for the corrupted regime officials because their people don’t question them.

We have to admire their persistence and commitment as they are kissing countless asses in their way up to a higher position.


Iran has the highest number of outbreak infections among state officials. No surprise here, as they tend to believe in conspiracy tales like: “America made the virus to destroy China’s industrial success, what a devil country!”, “That virus is affecting only Chinese people (I heard and read this many times), It’ll not infect us. We are protected by our religious leaders and tombstones”, The virus didn’t seem to care or even understand that nonsense.

Even though Iran kept Iranians in the dark with lies and stupid propaganda, It also managed to send infected tourists back to other countries, with the addition that Iranian authorities were not stamping the passport for the tourists, resulting in more infections from returned “secret” travelers. In the end, that caused the disease to reach Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Azerbaijan, and Saudi Arabia.


Egypt is walking steadily on China and Iran footsteps, The Health minister denied the claims, as she stated several times. She also underestimates the outbreak assuring the people and the world that everything is under control, but it was not.

Infected patients were traveling from Egypt to their countries, to the US, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Lebanon, France, Taiwan, and China. (WTF EGYPT!).

That was not enough for the Egyptian health minister to admit we have patients in Egypt. However, she finally admitted one single case. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, YOU HAVE BEED SENDING INFECTED PATIENTS TO SEVERAL COUNTRIES!

The main problem here is, it seems all the cases discovered later were foreigners-tourists, not Egyptians. Seems the Egyptians are immune, here we have another rumor spreading because of the lack of transparency “Egyptians are immune”.

It seems even with the Nile cruise incident when they suddenly discover dozens of cases, they tried to bend it on a foreign tourist. Blaming the victims instead of claiming the responsibilities of their actions.

They also didn’t care about the consequences of their words as they threaten the safety of the foreigners by such a claim.

Officials in a corrupted regime and their unmatched skills

In a corrupted regime, officials are selected based on their hypocrisy skills, loyalty to their superiors (Kissing asses) and their connections to other officials. The more connection he has, the more he climbs the stairs to a higher position and ensures stability.

The main goal here is no performance, it’s the glue, It’s all about the power of that glue they use to bind their asses to the chairs.

Iran and Egypt are not the only ones, but they are a clear example of how a corrupted regime manages an outbreak, with no regard to the consequences, ending in endangering the lives of their citizens and the world.

How does a corrupted regime manage a disaster?

The main goal of a corrupted regime is to reserve its current status at all costs. This includes lives, health, richness and so on. They don’t care about their citizens as they treat them like livestock on a farm.

Officials in corrupted regimes are not creative when it comes to dealing with a problem or facing facts, they have simple brains with methods: Deny it exists at all costs hoping it will pass and solve itself or becomes someone else’s problem.

1- Deny, deny and deny

Denying the problem does not mean it does not exist. It’s there but some fat-ass employee is busy denying it rather than dealing with it.

Denial takes effort and usually ends up with many corruption-abiding citizens publishing all sorts of silly self-created propaganda to support the denial claims. (We have a name for those: Me’araseen — معرصين)

2- Assurance with lies over facts

Lies by officials are dangerous especially when used to assure the people instead of a warning and preparing them. The chain of lies they create will end up chaining them from explaining the truth when they will need it.

The major consequence of falsely assuring people is increasing the number of victims. These are not victims of the outbreak but these corrupted officials.

3- Propaganda and conspiracy as a means to control

Propaganda and conspiracy lies are a means to control and keep the people busy in the dark arguing with each other while the thieves keep stealing them.

However, they always backfire and when they do, they will hit the manufacture in the face. The closes example is Iran, look consequences of that.

4- Whistleblowers as enemies of the state

Whistleblowers are treated as traitors in corrupted regimes. We have witnessed what happened to Dr. Li Wenliang, There are many like him, but we are most likely to hear anything about them at all, Why? Because corrupted regimes don’t like to be questioned.

5- The people are acceptable damage and loss

For an official in a corrupt regime losing hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands are acceptable as long as the loss does not affect his position and his family.

The result

A car (the corrupted regime) hitting the wall at full speed, That’s the expected outcome. If not now, wait for it, and pray you are not in it.

What the regime will have is unaware citizens of what’s coming as state media is focusing on denying instead of warning them, not equipped and ill-prepared front-line teams to fight the disease.

They are not just wasting the opportunity to fight the disease by spreading awareness and helping people to prepare, They are also causing irreparable damage for their country and the rest of the world.

For me and many others, there was no surprise there for the devastating outbreak in Iran and the childish irresponsible statements by Egyptian health services.

It’s the invoice for corruption that everyone has to pay one way or another.

The solution

The solution is quite simple: if you want to fight the epidemic you have to face and fight your endemic corruption.

I originally published this in Mar 14, 2020, under Mu Hazem name.