CorsixTH is an open source project aiming to revive the famous Theme Hospital simulation game by Bullfrog games. If you witness the late 90s games you would know Theme Hospital the economy simulation game was a big hit at that time.  Those game set a standard for many games those to come in the next generations including the current hits Clash of clans, Clash Royal and many others.

What is Theme Hospital!

" It's a matter of laugh or death in Theme Hospital™"
Theme Hospital in Action

Theme Hospital is an economy simulation game that was released by Bullfrog Entertainment in the late 90s, for MS.DOS systems and play station. Though Theme Hospital is not medically oriented in term of disease and medication its about designing, maintaining and managing hospital. Theme Hospital sold over than a million copies all over the world, and by that time it was a huge success.

 Theme Hospital is the successor of Theme Park game from the same company (Bullfrog Entertainment), Though the hospital theme (layout) made it funnier and more entertaining. The diseases are hilarious so as the described treatments, but in the end the patient has to be treated to increase the success rate of the hospital and get more revenue. The dark humor theme makes it easier to manage the hospital without stress. The player has to manage the hospital staff and prevent their strikes, buying and placing vending machines around the created sections, and of course, don't forget to treat the invisible man and take care of the senior citizens.

The best review for Theme Hospital in this video

LGR - Theme Hospital - DOS PC Game Review - [LGR]

Let me summarize it in medical management term

The main goal in terms of modern hospital management concept is about patient satisfaction, process control, increasing the patient flow, keep a good business reputation and increase the revenue of course.

ThemeHospital is available for $5.99 at and it works on Windows (7, 8, 10), Mac OS X (10.11+) [src],  and for $4.99 at

CorsixTH: Theme Hospital for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX

 CorsixTH: a new Theme Hospital Open source engine that revives Theme Hospital to work on modern computers, though it requires original game data files either the demo or the full version to be able to run the game. CorsixTH team main goal is to make the game available for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX, they have provided executable versions for Windows and Mac OSX, and several Linux/ BSD packaged versions. They also provided detailed instructions on how to run the game.

CorsixTH has been translated to 18 languages, as it also has very active forums.

Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital is the successor of Theme hospital by the original creators (Gary Carr and Mark Webley), who created the new generation of Theme hospital with model graphic, diseases, keeping they layout and increasing the humor level, their main goal is to bring back the original Theme Hospital charm and humor. It's distributed by Sega and published at Steam.

Theme Hospital sequel Two Point Hospital

How to run DOS games on the modern machines (Mac OSX, Windows and Linux)?

 To run old DOS games on a new modern system there are many emulators for the most usable operating systems which provide fancy experience for nostalgic gamers, for Mac OSX there Boxer, for Windows, DOSBox is the best emulator there, which has been around for years, There is also DosBlaster which is lightweight power DOS emulator. For Linux, there are several projects and emulators, but I personally prefer FreeDOS.