DICOM Gateway: Free DICOM/ PACS Gateway for macOS

DICOM Gateway: Free DICOM/ PACS Gateway for macOS

DICOM Gateway is a middleware PACS/ DICOM system that makes sharing PACS/ DICOM images easy as it plays well with other existing PACS system. With DICOM gateway there is no need to VPN. DICOM gateway is built for Mac OSX. DICOM Gateway automated the creation of DICOM routing, distribution and manage its DICOM requests/ queries (traffic) securely with HIPAA-complaint security optimization. It's a lightweight app built about 5.6 MB.

DICOM Gateway on Mac OSX ( macOS High Sierra)


  • Lightweight
  • Create local DICOM cloud services
  • Host your own DICOM server
  • HIPAA-compliant security layers
  • DICOM header modification
  • Auto-routing
  • Full PACS integration
  • HL7 messages support
  • Clinical and user fields: Technical notes, Exam Indication, Physician note
  • SSL support using OpenSSL
  • Study Downloads

Technical note

Though DICOM Gateway opens a warning popup that my system ( macOS High Sierra  ) is not compatible, It works smoothly. The app has a straight forward interface, but without enough documentation about how to use. The project website is not currently offline.


DICOM Gateway's support page does not work currently, It redirects to insecure malware alike advertising for (Mac Cleaner software), There are no other pages for support or the current stats of this project.  The project has not been updated since 15 Apr 2014.


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Hamza Mu

Written by Hamza Mu

A physician with programming skills, Linux user since late 1990s, Open-source supporter. Created several medical products EMR/ DICOM and more.
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