25 Free & open source DICOM Viewers for Windows

25 Free & open source DICOM Viewers for Windows
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Finding the right DICOM viewer is not an easy task, there are plenty of commercial paid programs to come with different features, options, and of course support.

Fortunately, there are many free DICOM software without obligation to users to pay unless they require support.

We have covered several DICOM viewers categories:

We make this list to help the doctors and medical students find quality based and free DICOM apps.

Free Online Web-based DICOM viewers are online cloud services that display upload or remote DICOM files or folders with DICOM specific browser. Here is a compiled list of cloud DICOM viewers.

11 Best Free Online Web-based & Cloud DICOM Viewers Services
Online Web DICOM viewers are web services that provide a DICOM viewer functionalities through the web browser, It’s basically Web-based services using web browsers to view DICOM and web server to store, parse, process the DICOM images. Online Web-based DICOM viewers will save doctors time to inst…

Free DICOM Viewers for Windows

1- Onis DICOM viewer (Free edition)

Onis DICOM viewer (Free edition)

Onis is a professional DICOM viewer build originally as commercial DICOM, but the company released a free edition with some limited options but rich functionalities.

Onis is a modular application it supports a wide range of plugins however some plugins are limited in the free edition.

2- Open DICOM Viewer

Open DICOM Viewer

Open DICOM Viewer is an open source cores-platform DICOM application built with Java, It has a portable feature as it can work standalone to view patient's DICOM images on CD/ DVDs.

3- Aliza Medical Imaging & DICOM Viewer

Aliza Medical Imaging & DICOM Viewer

Aliza is a DICOM viewer that supports multiple modalities and formats. It has been released for Windows and Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Red Hat Linux).

Aliza is in active development, and it's getting upgrade often by an active team of developers. Aliza supports 3D and 2D format.

Aliza MS: is an Open Source Free DICOM Viewer for Windows, Linux, and macOS
Aliza MS is a free open-source DICOM viewer with a dozen of clinical-ready features. It is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Because it is primarily written in C++ and C, It has a good performance even in working with large files and data sets. Features * Very fast directory scanner,

4- Dicompyler

Dicompyler open source DICOM viewer for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux

Dicompyler is an open source DICOM player for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. It's a lightweight program with simple user-interface and multiple options.

5- Agnosco - Free DICOM Viewer

Agnosco - Free DICOM Viewer

Agnosco is a free DICOM viewer for windows, It supports opening DICOM images from the local network, drives and removable media devices like USB sticks.

It has an easy to use interface, with the support of time frames. Agnosco has advanced image viewing tools and query option for images meta fields.

Agnosco has not been updated since 2011, but it is still used around the world as it works with the newer versions of Windows system.

6- AlgoM DICOM Viewer

AlgoM DICOM Viewer is a powerful free software, It works out of the box without installation, Algom runs directly from the PC or from within a flash-drive.

It exports DICOM images to multiple formats as multimedia formats plus images formats.

7- Weasis: Open-source DICOM viewer

Weasis: Open source DICOM viewer ( Windows, Mac OSX and Linux )

Weasis is an open source DICOM viewer, It runs on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. It has enterprise-grade features and options for radiologists.

It was built to be used in hospitals and radiology centres. It was released as an open source under EPL license. The code is available at GitHub repository.

8- JiveX DICOM Viewer

JiveX DICOM Viewer is a full-featured DICOM viewer released as free software to be used for non-commercial uses. It supports DICOM images, ECG, PDF files. It has been released for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

It can display DICOM images from the local network, the PC, CD/DVD, and USB flash drives. It does not support PACS.

We have written a full review about JiveX Free DICOM Viewer, you may read about it here.

JiveX - Free DICOM Viewer for Windows
JiveX DICOM Viewer “Personal Edition” is a free DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) Viewer for Windows which is easy to use and has many great features. It supports loading files from local hard drive, network or portable media like USB stick. Setup: The installation exe file (115 MB)

9- MicroDicom: Free Windows DICOM Viewer

MicroDICOM is the most famous DICOM viewer on this list, It has been downloaded over than 1 million times, and being used around the world by professionals.

MicroDICOM is a features-rich DICOM viewer, to read all about all of those features, read our review about MicroDICOM.

MicroDicom - free DICOM viewer software for Windows
MicroDICOM is one of the most famous Free/ Open source DICOM viewers for windows as it hits over 1 millions download, It has all the necessary features to process, save DICOM Images and export them to high quality images format as well as animated series video format.

10- Sante DICOM Viewer Free

Sante DICOM Viewer Free

Sante DICOM Viewer is a free DICOM image viewer, It works as a standalone and as a portable within CD/DVD to display DICOM images from DICOM directory.

Sante has 2 editions, the Pro edition is a commercial paid comes with PACS support. It's free for non-commercial use.

11- Navegatium DICOM Viewer

Navegatium DICOM Viewer 

Navegatium supports touch screens built to be used on Windows tablets and Windows PCs. It has many useful features beyond displaying DICOM images as X-Ray reconstructions and 3D viewing options.

Navegatium has a set of amazing features, you can read about its page here. Navegatium has been featured as one of the Best Free & Open source PACS Clients & DICOM Workstations.

Navegatium: A Free 2D/3D DICOM Viewer with 3D Printing support for Windows
Navegatium is a free DICOM Viewer for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. It supports Touch Screens and can be installed directly from Windows Store. It can visualize, analyze and manage DICOM files. It can access image files from removable media, a local drive or a PACS server. It also



AMIDE is an open source and free DICOM viewer, built to be cross-platform on Linux, Windows and macOS. Its enterprise-grade software with rich features to help radiologists analyze and diagnose, It was released as free open-source software and being used by professionals around the world.

AMIDE: Open-source, free DICOM viewer for volumetric imaging
AMIDE is a feature-rich free, open-source program for viewing, analyzing, and registering volumetric medical imaging data sets. It is one of the oldest open-source, free DICOM software. It provided aid to doctors, and researchers on platforms like Linux and macOS since 2003. AMIDE’s interfaces uses GTK library, which is tested

13- 3DimViewer

3Dim DICOM Viewer

3DimViewer is a free simple DICOM viewer with simple user-interface but powerful features, It has been distributed as an open-source solution. It supports Windows, Mac OS X, and Windows.

3DimViewer is an Open-source Free DICOM Viewer
The lightweight DICOM viewer that works for Windows, Linux and macOS

14- SMILI DICOM viewer


SMILI is a cross-platform DICOM viewer, It offers the user with image enhancement options to display and analyze DICOM images.

It has advanced algorithms built within the easy user-interface. SMILI is released as an open-source software under BSD 3-Clause license.

15- Athena DICOM Viewer

Athena DICOM Viewer

Athena is a lightweight DICOM software, designed to display DICOM images on Windows machines.

It's available in the Windows app store and offers an in-app purchase for additional options as a feature. Athena has an elementary custom design built for touch screens, including Windows Tablets and wide resolution touch screens.

Athena Lite edition comes with one month free for Athena pro editions, which can be extended later with purchase.

Athena was built by native windows technology, so it's expected to be memory wise with smooth performance.

16- Cobra DICOM viewer

Cobra DICOM viewer

Cobra is a features-rich DICOM viewer for windows, It supports different modalities.

17- Mongo: Cross-platform DICOM Viewer

Mongo is a free cross-platform DICOM program that supports multiple unique formats as well as DICOM images. It's available to use as free software for non-commercial use.

It's a developer-friendly app with feature-rich user-interface. Furthermore, it supports developers to build and extend it with powerful scripting languages, as for Python and Java. It's highly modular and extensible with plugins and modules.

Mango is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX, It works smoothly on old versions of Windows including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 10.

18- Ginkgo CADx

Ginkgo CADx is an advanced DICOM viewer and dicomizer (converts PNG, JPEG, DMG, PDF, tiff to DICOM). It works on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

It has simple user-interface but advanced features designed for radiologists. Ginkgo is in active development, and it has been released as an open source for personal and commercial use under GPL3 license. It offers Windows, Linux and Mac OSX installation packages.

19- DICOMscope - DICOM Viewer


DICOMscope is a free DICOM viewer for Windows systems, It supports multiple DICOM modalities. DICOMscope is an old software, but it still runs on the new Windows versions.

DICOMscope is not meant as a competition for commercial DICOM viewers. The application is rather a feasibility study for DICOM presentation states. The program is not appropriate to be used in a clinical environment, e.g. for reporting.

20- xMedCon


xMedCon is an open-source free DICOM software, It supports multiple formats for medical imaging including many DICOM modalities and Acr/Nema 2.0, Analyze (SPM), Concorde/µPET, DICOM 3.0, CTI ECAT 6/7, NIfTI-1, InterFile3.3, and PNG or Gif87a/89a.

xMedCon supports multiple file exports, including GIF animated images.

xMedCon can work in Windows machines as well as MacOSX, Linux. It has multiple binaries and packages available to download and use for free in different systems.

xMedCon is in active development since years and receiving frequent improvements and upgrades.

21- DICOM Image Reader

DICOM Image Reader: A Lightweight DICOM Viewer for DCM files
A minimal Medical application to read and view DICOM (dcm) image file

22- Yakami DICOM tools

Yakami is a free lightweight DICOM viewer, & converter for Windows.

Yakami DICOM tools: free lightweight DICOM viewer, & converter for Windows
Yakami DICOM tools is a free DICOM viewer and converter aiming for research, not for the diagnosis. It’s developed using Microsoft technologies to run on Windows PC (Windows XP, 2000, VISTA, 7, 8, 8.1, & Windows 10). Though the project has not been updated since 2014, many radiologists, physicians,& dentists

23- JimboDICOMViewer

JimboDICOMViewer: Manage and View your DICOM collections with this free Viewer on Windows & Linux
JimboDICOMViewer is a free DICOM viewer and DICOM database collection manager for Linux (Ubuntu) & Windows. It supports DICOM dataset management, features a 3D DICOM visualization, and comes with a powerful converter tool to convert DICOM images to many supported formats. As a unique feature, JimboDICOMViewer supports 3D visualization of brain

24- DicomBrowser

DicomBrowser: Open source DICOM Batch Metadata Editor and Viewer for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX
DicomBrowser: Open source DICOM Batch Metadata Editor and Viewer for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. DicomBrowser is a cross-platform DICOM viewer and batch DICOM editor and converter. It’s developed by NeuroInformatics Research Group (NRG) at Washington University in St. Louis. DicomBrowser is a lightweight program but with many capabilities, even

25- InVesalius

InVesalius: Open source 3D Medical Imaging reconstruction program
What is InVesalius ? InVesalius Is a free open source 3D medical imaging reconstruction that generates a 3D image from a sequence of 2D DICOM images (CT or MRI). It works for Windows, Linux, & macOS. The project is in active development since 2001, to fulfill the demand for a medical imaging

If you know any other DICOM viewer for Windows which is not listed here please, drop us a comment.

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