15 Best Open-source Web-based DICOM Viewers

15 Best Open-source Web-based DICOM Viewers

Open source/ Libre software are becoming a major part of daily usage for many users worldwide, Medical/ Healthcare sector is no exception. For DICOM Viewers we have many open-source Desktop clients some of them are enterprise-grade Viewers. Most of the desktop open source DICOM viewers come with platform restriction, hardware requirements, and some demand specific configuration to work. However, Web-based DICOM viewers on the other hand only requires a modern web browser as a client.

We have published here a list of Free Online Web-based/ Cloud DICOM viewers, However, we complied a list of Open-source Web/ Browser-based DICOM viewers, aiming to provide some insights for developers and software engineers so as decision makers.

We have covered several DICOM viewers categories:

1- OHIF DICOM Viewer

OHIF DICOM Viewer is an open-source web viewer released and maintained by OHIF (Open Health Imaging Foundation), It's a zero-footprint DICOM viewer with a rich-features set that includes advancing viewing options, layout, DICOM tags browser and more.

OHIF  DICOM Viewers is a professional-grade DICOM viewer, it's built with the latest web technologies NodeJS/ React.

OHIF is built with NodeJS and Meteor, It uses ConerstoneJS DICOM library alongside several libraries and development tools. Institutions and hospitals can install their versions or build their custom one. OHIF has provided comprehensive documentation about how to install, configure, & extend their Viewer.

OHIF demo


  • Advanced viewer functions
  • Multiple layout support with a layout manager
  • Series browser
  • Stack scroll
  • Powerful search with multiple filters
  • DICOM Tags browser
  • DICOM tags search
  • Reset option
  • Measurement tools with logger and re-label function and description field
  • Axial, Sagittal, Coronal view support
  • CINE view with control functions

2- Med3Web: WebGPL powered Web-based DICOM 2D/ 3D Viewer

Med3Web  is an open source web-based & browser-based DICOM viewer, It is built with web technology and supports advanced 3D visualization including surface and volume rendering with WebGL-ready web browsers.

Med3Web demo can be used as an online 2D/ 3D DICOM viewer. For more details review the  project's page.


  • 2D Display functions
  • 3D Viewer
  • Volume renderer (WebGL)
  • Surface Renderer (WebGL)
  • All features (read)

Med3Web can be installed on the local machine, it's also available as an online demo

Med3Web: Free, Open source Browser-based DICOM viewer for 2D/ 3D Medical Visualization
Med3Web is an open source free DICOM 2D/ 3D viewer that supports advanced volume and surface rendering & Segmented Data Visualization. It uses web technologies that are compatible and supported by all modern major web browsers on all known operating systems such as HTML5, Javascript, CSS, NodeJS…

3- Papaya online DICOM viewer

Papaya DICOM Viewer

Papaya is an online web-based DICOM viewer that is a pure JavaScript which is compatible with almost all web browsers (Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox). It supports DICOM and NIFTI formats.

Papaya is a simple DICOM viewer with simple viewing options including colors grid manager/ layout view with swapping tool, but it can be extended with new features.


  • Upload single DICOM file
  • Drop file upload support
  • Upload DICOM folder
  • Upload surface file
  • DTI vector series support
  • Simple Viewer Preferences manager
  • Shortcuts support
  • Mouse guide
  • Color manager
  • Layout swipe view
  • DICOM files support
  • NIFTI files support
  • Axial, Coronal, & Sagittal view support

4- DMV (DICOM Web Viewer)

JavaScript framework-agnostic DICOM Viewer

DWV is a lightweight library-agonistic DICOM viewer that can be integrated with other JavaScript Libraries like jQuery or jQueryUI and JavaScript Frameworks like VueJS, Angular, React, or Meteor.  It provides a set of tools out-of-box to view DICOM images with multiple display functions.

DWV (DICOM Web Viewer) is an open source zero footprint medical image viewer. It uses only javascript and HTML5 technologies, meaning that it can be run on any platform that provides a modern browser (laptop, tablet, phone, and even modern TVs).

DWV has already being used in several projects especially for mobile apps, as browser extensions (Google Chrome Extensions)


  • Zooming
  • Panning
  • Windowing
  • Length Measurement
  • Angle Measurement
  • Point/Circle/Rectangle of Interest

DWV flavors

  • DWV: Standalone DICOM Viewer no frameworks
  • DWV with jQuery Mobile
  • DWV with jQueryUI
  • DWV with Vue JS
  • DWV with Angular
  • DWV with React

5- Oviyam: HTML5 Feature-rich DICOM Viewer

Oviyam is a web-based DICOM Viewer. Using standard DICOM protocols patient lists can be queried, particular series or studies retrieved and be displayed as JPEG images in your browser. Oviyam will work with any DICOM server that supports WADO (Web Access to DICOM Persistent Objects). Oviyam is a free download and is pre-packaged for deployment with JBoss. The source is triple licensed under MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1.


  • Lightweight
  • LocalStorage browser support
  • Multi-layout
  • Thumbnail view
  • Tabbed UI
  • Secure login
  • Configuration support
  • Theme support
  • DICOM image conversion
  • Configure Dcm4chee-arc-light server
  • Viewer functions: Pane, Zoom, Invert, Flip, Window level
  • Viewer tools: measurements and annotation
  • The viewer image reset
  • Full-screen support
  • Metadata viewer
  • PDF/ DICOM support
  • Viewer tiled layout
  • Query filters
  • Context-Menu custom functions

6- NextCloud with DICOM Viewer  Extensions

NextCloud is an open-source personal cloud platform, It's a self-hosted system that can be installed by users on their servers. NextCloud can be used to store, share files and allow users and teams to collaborate. As NextCloud is a modular system it has a rich ecosystem with many extensions, it's easy to extend it to be a fully functional DICOM viewer with DICOM viewer extension.

NextCloud DICOM Viewer extensions uses OHIF DICOM Viewer


  • Open source
  • File Storage
  • File Sync
  • Multiple clients: Mobile, Desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux)
  • Rich plugin libraries
  • DICOM Viewer is power capabilities

7- RocketViewer

RocketViewer is simple and generic viewer allows you to visualize different kinds of data such as medical and biological images, 3D surfaces, electric signals (ECGs) and documents. It's released by a team at Barcelona University.


  • Load files from local machine or from a remote url from the web
  • Lightweight
  • Supports Multiple Format
  • Supports 3D visualization
  • Still image support
  • Surface renderer
  • Electric Signals: JSON file
  • Surfaces: VTK (3D Visualization), PLY (3D Visualization)
  • Surfaces + Medical images: NRRD (3D Visualization)
  • Study Viewer
  • PDF-DICOM viewer support
  • Visualize VTK volumes with scalar information. Click on the links to have a quick demo.
  • EEG viewer
  • Filter Viewer
  • DICOM Multi-frame support

RocketViewer Github's page

8- WebMongo

WebMango is a pure Java DICOM viewer released as an open-source project to help developers create a full-responsive DICOM viewer for web projects.  It runs smoothly even on legacy browser but provides its best performances on the newer ones.  Unlike its little brother WebMango requires Java to be installed to run.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to use
  • Developer-friendly
  • Multiple layout support

9- AMI Medical Imaging (AMI) JS ToolKit for building DICOM apps

AMI DICOM Toolkit in Action

AMI Medical Imaging is an open source (Libre) JavaScript toolkit for building browser and web-based medical imaging solutions. AMI Medical Imaging Toolkit is featuring several browser tools and developer-friendly API for DICOM loader, DICOM browser, 3D rendering, Surface & Volume rendering. It uses Three.js as a rendering engine which has been used in several open-source and commercial browser/ web-based medical visualization.

AMI Demo


  • File loader
  • Data parser (DICOM, NRRD, Nifti, MHD, MGH)
  • 2D Visulization
  • 3D Visulization
  • Mesh renderer
  • Surface renderer
  • Volume renderer
  • Lookup Tables
  • Label Maps

Library used with AMI

AMI uses a combination of several libraries and tools all integrated and tested aiming to ease the product of web/ browser-based medical imaging solutions. Here is some of the libraries it uses:

  • ThreeJS
  • DICOM parser
  • Cornerstone
  • NIFTI-Reader-JS
  • JPEGLosslessDecoderJS
  • Image-JPEG2000
  • Pako (GZ file decompression)

10- Osimis Web Viewer Zero-footprint DICOM viewer for Orthanc PACS Server

DICOM Viewer for Orthanc PACS/ DICOM Server

DICOM Viewer for Orthanc PACS/ DICOM Server

This DICOM viewer is a web-based DICOM viewer for Orthanc PACS/ DICOM server. It is built on NodeJS, uses CornerstoneJS (DICOM NodeJS Library). It is distributed as a plugin to Orthanc PACS server.


  • Lightweight
  • Simple UI
  • Orthanc server ready
  • Load DICOM images from remote URL
  • Load DICOM images/ Folders from local machines
  • Display tools: flip, rotate, reset
  • Viewer functions: Pane, Zoom, Invert, Flip, Window level
  • Color manipulation
  • DICOM annotation and measurement tools
  • Zoom functions
  • DICOM image export options to still images

11- WEASIS Online Cloud DICOM Viewer

Weasis is a multipurpose standalone and web-based DICOM viewer with a highly modular architecture. It is a very popular clinical viewer used in healthcare by hospitals, health networks, multi-center research trials, and patients.

Weasis DICOM viewer is cross-platform, free/Libre and open-source software (FLOSS), multi-languageand allows a flexible integration to PACS, RIS, HIS or PHR. This multi-platform DICOM viewer runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It allows high-quality renderings with high performance through the OpenCV library.

12- DICOM Viewer for Orthanc PACS Server

This DICOM viewer is a web-based DICOM viewer for Orthanc PACS/ DICOM server. It is built on NodeJS, uses CornerstoneJS (DICOM NodeJS Library).


  • Lightweight
  • Simple UI
  • Orthanc server ready
  • Load DICOM images from remote URL
  • Load DICOM images/ Folders from local machines
  • Display tools: flip, rotate, reset
  • Viewer functions: Pane, Zoom, Invert, Flip, Window level
  • Color manipulation
  • DICOM annotation and measurement tools
  • Zoom functions
  • DICOM image export options to still images

13- DICOM Microscopy Viewer

DICOM Microscopy Viewer is an open-source project aiming to provide a web-based DICOM viewer for Microscopy DICOM image. The project has been built with NodeJS, It can be used easily within any web project with one CDN url.

DICOM Microscopy Viewer [Demo]

Note: DICOM Microscopy Viewer is a work in progress

14- MedView Medical (DICOM): HTML5 DICOM Viewer

The goal of MedView is to be a medical (DICOM) image viewer able to be used on any html5 capable device. The viewer displays images stored on a standard DICOM Server. To communicate with the DICOM Server.

15- Meteor based DICOM Viewer*

This DICOM Viewer is based using Meteor to develop and build a comprehensive DICOM viewer, it's based on OHIF DICOM Viewer packages which was released more than 2 years ago. The Meteor build tools used to build the app is quite outdated, so as most of the packages. Unfortunately, there is no enough documentation.

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