JiveX - Free DICOM Viewer for Windows

JiveX DICOM Viewer "Personal Edition" is a free DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) Viewer for Windows which is easy to use and has many great features. It supports loading files from local hard drive, network or portable media like USB stick.


The installation exe file (115 MB) is available as 32-bit version only, which runs on 64-bit operating systems as well. The setup process is very easy and straight forward, just accepting the Lisence Agreement and choosing where to install the program or accepting the default location and it is done.

Using The Program:

Every time you open the program, a License Agreement window will show up reminding you that the program is only for personal use, and any commercial use is not allowed.

The interface of the JiveX DICOM Viewer is available in German, English, French and Spanish. The system language of the Windows operating system is adopted at startup. The viewers always start with the English user interface on Windows
systems with other language settings. You can change the language of the user interface at startup in the dialog for License Agreement or via the menu "View" -> "Language". Once you have changed the language, the viewer uses your personal setting and ignores the language set by the operating system.

You can load individual images, multiple images or whole folders (including subfolders if "Include sub-folders" option is selected). You can also load images using drag&drop from the file system. These images are loaded in addition to already-loaded images.

When loading a folder with a lot of images through "File" -> "Open", you will get an error message reminding you that you are using the free version.

When I tried to load a folder with 242 images, JiveX Viewer loaded only 49 images, but when I tried to load the images with Drag&Drop method, I succeeded to load all the 242 images.


Annotation and Measurement Tab
Cine Tab


  • Support Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
  • The setup file is available as 32-bit version only (runs on 64-bit operating systems as well)
  • supports loading files from local hard drive, network or portable media like USB stick
  • Printing


  • Windowing: absolute windowing, relative offset windowing and percentile windowing
  • Zooming: fit to draw area, same scale, magnifying glass and ROI (Region of Interest) zoom
  • Panning
  • Reset Image Manipulations
  • Setting Mouse Action: The left mouse button action is set to "Window Leveling" by default. You can customize the action according to your needs. Available mouse actions are Panning, Windowing, Image Navigation and Zooming
  • Measuring Distance: Distance Measurement, Line Relation Measurement, Parallel Lines Measurement, Plumb Line, Chiropractic Pelvic Bone Measurement, Diameter Measurement and Charrière Distance Measurement
  • Measuring an Angle: Angle Measurement, Open Angle Measurement, Open Three-Way Angle Measurement, 4-Point Angle Measurement and Cobb Angle Measurement
  • Statistical Measurements and Measurments of Area: Statistic Measurement, Circle Statistic Measurement and Polygon Statistic Measurement
  • Annotation: Circle annotation, Rectangle annotation, Arrow annotation, Circle annotation with center point, Closed freehand annotation, Text annotation with anchor point, Circle annotation from three given points, Open freehand annotation, Text annotation without anchor point, Ellipse annotation and Line annotation
  • Image Orientation: If the image contains orientation information, it is displayed at the edges and in the middle, using a capital letter; A for Anterior, P for Posterior, L for Left, R for Right, H for Head and F for Foot
  • Displaying Cutlines
  • Synchronize image manipulations
  • The "Cine" tab offers you functions to play back images in the image viewer like
    films. It can be played back optionally both forward and backward and you can adjust the playback speed
  • Printing: JiveX DICOM Viewer allows printing single images, the currently displayed image, the image matrix or an entire series
  • Copying to Clipboard: Image data (JPEG) can quickly be exported via the clipboard. Drawn annotations, patient and study information is also copied

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
  • Screen resolution: 1280 x 1024 pixels minimum


JiveX DICOM Viewer (Personal Edition) is available for non-commercial purposes free of charge


Current Program Version is 5.0.7 RC03




JiveX DICOM Viewer "Personal Edition" for Windows is a free, feature-packed and easy to use DICOM Viewer, and we recommend it if you need a DICOM Viewer for non-commercial purposes.

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