DICOMLibrary: Share & view DICOM files with an advanced online viewer

DICOMLibrary: Share & view DICOM files with an advanced online viewer

DicomLibrary is a free online service for sharing, browsing and analyzing DICOM files, with advanced feature-rich DICOM viewer that supports many DICOM modalities and PACS models. It's easy to use and provides anonymity for the shared files with an advanced anonymizing tool they built to maintain the patient's privacy. It has more than 473.000 studies shared, and the number of shared studies are growing every day.

How does it work?

 The service does not require registration and the DICOM viewer itself does not require login to use it. The workflow is simple: Upload, View and manage, then Share. The user can upload a DICOM file,  compressed ( zipped ) file or studies files, the background libraries will remove the sensitive information from the files and provide processed files in results page to view in the DICOM viewer, share it, download the processed files, or delete it.

 One of the most important features DICOMLibrary provides is the option to embed DICOM Study - embed DICOM viewer on websites like blogs, forums or CMS ( Content Management Systems ) which makes it very effective tools for radiologists and medical students

The Viewer

 DICOMLibrary's DICOM viewer is using MedDream DICOM viewer which is a commercial DICOM web viewer, with advanced features aiming for medical professional users.

MedDream online DICOM viewer features:

Display features
Zoom, pan, windowing, magnifier, measuring, drawing, support touch screens.

Measurement tools

UI customization ( Theming, Layout, Multi-view support )
here is a layout customization tool to customize the placement of the thumbnails. Theming support which change the colors and backgrounds, and multi-view support, I consider the Multi-view support part of the UI/UX customization.

Multi-views comparison tool

 MedDream DICOM viewer supports many grid views starting from 1X1 to 3X3 which is very useful for radiologists as
a comparison tool.

Multi-view support

Export Features
DicomLibrary's viewer supports exporting into multiple formats including images and video as JPEG, TIFF, MP4, as one image or active series of images.

More features:

  • Multi-lingual support
  • Sharing
  • Supports Many DICOM formats
  • Multi PACS support
  • New settings management
  • Context menu on right mouse click;
  • Changed the image processing engine.

Browser compatibility

I have tested DICOMLibrary's Viewer ( MedDream DICOM Viewer ) on many web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, WaterFox, Safari, and Opera, It works smoothly with all of those browsers with minor lagging in Safari while enabling WebGL, with a notification about limited functionality with Safari with disabled WebGL. The loading speed is very good, It's also very responsive with small resolutions.

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