Dicoogle is a free open source PACS server, that is built and released as an open source project, It has many developer-friendly features that help developers to extending its functionalities and/ or integrate it easily with their applications/ platforms. As Dicoogle is built with Java, it works smoothly on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.

 Dicoogle's team has tested it with about  22 million DICOM images which are very promising comparing to other alternatives.

Dicoogle is one of our top pick for: Best Open source PACS/ DICOM Servers.

Dicoogle local install screenshot - by (Medevel.com)

Dicoogle architecture

Dicoogle is built on a modular architecture that supports development easy on top of it, It has a very basic plugin which required to run functional PACS system. Dicoogle has very powerful SDK and rich REST-API that ease the developer work and provide easy yet powerful integration with other systems.

Dicoogle features

  • Powerful Indexing
  • Search/ Query
  • DICOM metadata attribute tags query/ search
  • Plugins-ready
  • Web application to configure Dicoogle, index directories, configure plugins and search the indexed images.
  • Exporting search results in CSV (Comma-separated values) file that opens in Excel, Google Drive Spreadsheet, and Open/ LibreOffice.

Install Dicoogle

Dicoogle installation is fairly easy it only requires an up-to-date version of the Java Virtual Machine installed, It is easy to run as well using command-line, or use "./DicoogleServer.sh" for running Dicoogle on the server. (Don't forget to change the password upon the installation)

Dicoogle Plugins

To install Dicoogle plugins you need to create plugins directory (/Plugins) under Dicoogle's directory installation,  which is case sensitive directory, especially for Linux and Mac OSX.

Upon installation Dicoogle installs 2 plugins by default: Lucene which provides indexing and querying of DICOM meta-data, and Filestorage which store and retrieve DICOM file from the current file system.

Dicoogle has development-ready SDK to develop extensions and REST-API, Dicoogle's developers also provided Dicoogle Learning Pack that contains helpful resources/ tutorials on how to develop plugins, built Dicoogle, and debugging.

Dicoogle License

Dicoogle is released under GPLv3.0 License.


  • Dicoogle Website
  • Dicoogle GitHub
  • Dicoogle Learning Pack & user's documentation - src.