Earthquake Network App: Get Real-time Earthquake Notifications

Earthquake Network App: Get Real-time Earthquake Notifications
Photo by Dave Goudreau / Unsplash

Real time earthquake alerts on your smartphone are possible thanks to Earthquake Network. It uses the accelerometer on Android and iOS phones to detect and send alerts about earthquakes.

The idea is to use the accelerometer on-board smartphones to detect in real-time the shaking induced by an earthquake.  When an earthquake is detected, an alert is sent to all the smartphones within the affected area. If you are not too close to the epicenter, you can receive the alert in advance and you can take cover before you are reached by the damaging waves of the earthquake.

The app is free to install for Android and iOS (iPhone/ iPad). It is also can be installed from Huawei app gallery.

What Does the Earthquake Network app do?

In the following short video, you can see what can it do:

Earthquake Network App


  1. Report an Earthquake
  2. Developer-friendly interface
  3. Map to visualize the center of earthquake
  4. Seismic network monitor
  5. Follow-up earthquake from multiple sources
  6. Real-time alerts on earthquakes detected by the smartphone network
  7. Real-time earthquake reports from users
  8. Notifications of earthquakes detected by the international seismic networks of USGS, EMSC and others
  9. Chatrooms during an earthquake emergency
  10. The app sends a message automatically in case of emergency that include the current coordination.


  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. Huawei mobiles


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