GoldenCheetah is The Open-source App Every Serious Cyclist Needs

GoldenCheetah is a desktop application for cyclists and triathletes and coaches, providing a rich set of tools and models to analyse, track and predict performance, optimise aerodynamics and train indoors.

GoldenCheetah is The Open-source App Every Serious Cyclist Needs

GoldenCheetah is a desktop performance tracker application for cyclists, runners, triathletes, and coaches. It is built to aid the user analyze, track, and optimize their out- and in-door training.

The program is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS, free of charge. It is an open-source project released under the GPL v2.

GoldenCheetah integrates with most popular cloud services like Strava and Todays Plan, imports data from bike computers, imports downloads from any website like TrainingPeaks and Garmin and will also connect to smart trainers using ANT+ and Bluetooth.


  • Native look and feel for Linux, macOS and Windows
  • Comes with a rich charts and diagrams
  • Offers a good set of video tutorials
  • Full maps support
  • Easy to work with intervals
  • Supports indoor riding
  • Allows you to track and compare your performances
  • Advanced data editor with undo, redo
  • Built-in Google Street view
  • Supports Garmin smart recording
  • Set Athlete and Workout library folders
  • Set: bike wheel size, crank length, elevation hysteresis, STS average
  • User defined charts
  • Flexible Screen Layouts
  • Themes and Color Setup
  • Summary Metrics and parameters
  • Automatic anomaly detection
  • Fix tools for GPS, Spikes, Torque
  • Advanced interval find, free-text search, data filters and search for values
  • Export data to other applications and formats including; PWX, CSV, KML, TCX and JSON
  • Track performance and Trends
  • Apply data filters
  • Track performance and physiological markers for over 300 metrics, user-definable the best durations, model estimates
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Supports most important charts; Critical Power, Ride, Histogram, Trends and more
  • CP also supports Delta and Percentage comparisons to a baseline season


  • Windows
  • Linux
  • macOS

Supported formats

  • TrainingPeaks (WKO, PWX)
  • PowerTap (RAW, CSV)
  • Garmin / ANT+ (FIT, FIT 2.0)
  • SportTracks (FITLOG)
  • Ambit (SML)
  • Sigma (SLF, SMF)
  • Ergomo (CSV)
  • Google Earth (KML)
  • Garmin (TCX, GPX)
  • Polar (HRM)
  • SRMWin (SRM)
  • Computrainer (TXT)
  • iBike (CSV)
  • MotoACTV (CSV)
  • Hrv4Training and EliteHRV (HRV)
  • Row Perfect (RP3)

Supported cloud integration

  • Google Drive and Calendar
  • Dropbox
  • Strava
  • Today's Plan
  • Xert
  • SixCycle
  • Withings Weight
  • Cycling Analytics
  • ErgDB
  • Ride With GPS
  • SportPlusHealth
  • Velo Hero
  • Selfloops

Forensic Ride Analysis

Multiple charts to examine and analyse ride and interval data including:

  • Critical Power Modelling
  • Embedded Python and R
  • Performance Plot
  • Stress Plot
  • Pedal Force/Velocity
  • Histogram
  • 2d and 3d scatter
  • HR v Power
  • Map (Google / OSM)
  • Aerolab


The project is an open-source released under GPL-2.0 License only.


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