Setup a Bike Sharing Platform with the Open Source Bike Share Solution

Setup a Bike Sharing Platform with the Open Source Bike Share Solution
Photo by Robert Bye / Unsplash

Bike sharing is becoming more popular, for instance, there are several bike sharing startups, and gov sponsored bike and scooter apps and companies, in countries like France, Canada, Turkey, Italy, and Switzerland.

Building a bike sharing software from scratch is a challenge, yet it is possible with some effort and time. However, what if you need to setup a bike sharing system for your city, and you do not have enough resources. Then here is your answer: an Open-source bike sharing system.

The Open Source Bike Share is the world's first low-cost and open source bike sharing system.  It is built on top of JavaScript, Laravel Framework (PHP), and Vue Framework.

The system has been used in shared stands in some universities, some cities around the world.


  • Web app (mobile-friendly)
  • Easy to setup and install with Docker
  • Optional SMS system to rent and return bicycles
  • Optional QR code system to rent and return bicycles
  • Web maps with geolocation and availability of the bicycle stands
  • Optional credit system for paid rentals
  • Registration form for the new users
  • Admin to edit users, create stands or change bicycle availability
  • Google Analytics enabled for stats on web and bike usage
  • Connector system to support any provider of SMS Gateway / API
  • Easy web install to launch system

How does it work?

  • No special bicycles required, any usable (mid-sized frame) bicycles will do
  • No fixed stands required, stand positions are just marked for visibility
  • Checks and balances included to prevent system abuse
  • Free for all or charge users for rental time

Install and run

git clone 
cd OpenSourceBikeShare
docker-compose build
docker-compose up -d

You also can require help from the primary developer to setup and lunch your own system


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