Inbucket: A disposable Webmail Server

Inbucket app is a free, open-source disposable mail server that works without any database.

Inbucket supports many email protocols without depending on external dependencies. It accepts email and makes them ready via the web, and REST API.

The system supports HTTP, SMTP, and POP3 out of the post. It offers multiple mailboxes' management, attachment download, and a responsive simple web interface.


  1. Clean web user interface
  2. Multiple mailboxes
  3. POP3 support
  4. SMTP support
  5. HTTP support
  7. Attachment download
  8. View message source
  9. Docker installation support

Technical note

The system is written in Go and Elm programming languages and uses the Bootstrap CSS framework for the web interface.


Inbucket is released under MIT license and is free open-source software (FOSS).


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