Mass File Renamer is a powerful and user-friendly desktop application that is designed to make file renaming easier and more efficient. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, this app provides a comprehensive solution for users who need to rename multiple files quickly and easily.

Using Mass File Renamer, you can rename files in the same way you edit text. This means that you can easily change the names of files to better reflect their content or purpose, without having to spend hours manually renaming them one by one.

One of the key advanjtages of Mass File Renamer is its use of the Vue3 and Tuari Desktop framework. These technologies provide a solid foundation for the app, ensuring that it is reliable, efficient, and easy to use.


  • Edit names like you would edit the content of a text file.
  • Filter your selected files
  • Uppercase/Lowercase
  • Create naming templates adding/removing elements like number, date, time, prefix, and suffix.
  • Find/replace/remove text functionality with regex support.


  • MIT License


  • Windows

However, because it is built on top of Vue, Vite and Tuari, It can be customized and configured for macOS, and Linux with some extra work.


GitHub - segoja/mass-file-renamer: Rename files in the same way you edit text
Rename files in the same way you edit text. Contribute to segoja/mass-file-renamer development by creating an account on GitHub.