What is a PHR app?

Personal Health Records or (PHR) apps are built with intention to aid user record their personal health-related records privately and track their progress and disease development.

Patients often use their personal health apps to record and share their progress with their doctors.

The primary goal of a PHR software is to be managed by the patient himself or his family.

A General purpose PHR can help anyone record their important health information such as:

  1. Immunization records
  2. Lab results
  3. Allergies
  4. Family medical history
  5. Screening due dates
  6. Weight, BMI
  7. Pain
  8. Imaging reports
  9. Medication

Some other PHR apps are built for specific disease such as diabetes, epilepsy, migraine, and more.

While there are dozens of apps that may look free, on many marketplaces, they are actually not, as they frequently contain advertisements, and third-party scripts which may compromise user's privacy.

In this post, we offer you a free open-source apps that care about your privacy and come without any ads.

1- Medic Log (Android)

Medic Log is a free open-source Libre (GPL) personal health record system that aids anyone to keep their medical records and notes private.

By default, Medic Logic supports multiple profile which makes it ideal as a family medical records and for mothers.

Medic Log comes with a built-in medicine reminder, records search all packed inside a simple interface.

2- openScale

openScale is a straightforward lightweight app to aid anyone who want to track their weight and body metrics. It works with many Bluetooth scales.

openScale supports many biometrics that include weight, BMI, muscle mass, bone mass, and more. It also supports data synchronization with many sport apps.

The app is available to download for free from Google Play and F0Droid.

openScale: Free Libre Body Metrics Tracker That Respects Your Privacy
Open-source weight and body metrics tracker, with support for Bluetooth scales

3- OpenLog

OpenLog is a native open-source Android app for logging personal health-related records as sleep, calories, training, and more.

User can also create their custom categories like their exercise routine, share their log data via Bluetooth, messages and email.

Moreover, OpenLog comes with more fancy features, like Speech to text, date time picker, and multilingual support (WIP).

4- Mediclog

Yet another personal health record (PHR) for Android. It is free and open source, and can be downloaded from F-Droid and Google Play.

MedicLog logs key medical information - blood pressure, temperature and weight, with an emphasis on simplicity and privacy.

MedicLog: An Open-source Free Personal Health Logger for Android
. What is MedicLog? MedicLog is a free, lightweight (65k) personal health logger for Android system, that helps patients record their basic health records, and vital signs and share them quickly with their doctors. MedicLog does not require any special permission to access or run, also it does n…

5- Pain Diary (PFA)

The Privacy Friendly Pain Diary app can help you track pain. It allows you to make daily diary entries recording your condition and the intensity, location, nature and time of the pain you feel, as well as the medication you take and additional notes. Records of your pain can help health professionals gain an insight into the pain you are experiencing.

The main view of the app is a calendar. A new diary entry can be added and existing diary entries can be viewed by selecting a day in this calendar. Diary entries can be exported to PDF. You have to specify a period of time for which the entries are to be exported. You also have the option to share that PDF.

Pain Diary: is an Open-source Pain Logger for Patients
Pain Diary is an Android app which can help you track and share your pain with your doctor. It does not collect, share, track or share any of your data with any third party. It allows you to make daily diary entries recording your condition and the intensity, location, nature

6- Migraine Log

Migraine Log lets you easily log your migraine attacks (or other headaches). It is built to make it as easy as possible, only requiring a date and the strength of the attack, while allowing you to optionally add details like what medications you took and notes about the attack. This lets you monitor your migraine and can assist you and your physician in finding the correct treatment for you.

7- Headi - Your Headache Diary

Headi (Headache Diary) is a privacy-friendly app to log your headaches.
No data is transferred to any cloud services. All data is stored locally only.
Headi also offers a simple analysis of the recorded data. You can also export your logs as a CSV file for further analysis of the data.
To save your records you can also export your whole diary, or just parts of it, as a PDF.

8- CardiacRecorder

This is a health tracker app which can be quite handy for people who want to keep tracking their health record (i.e. systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, heart rate) for maintaining a healthy and sound life.

9- Flutter PHR

A personal health record, you can record your weight, height, blood pressure, blood glucose to track your own health. It is built in Flutter framework and can run on iOS and Android.

10- myEHR

This is a full-stack web application follows the MVC design pattern for users to input and save their personal medical health records in a database (MongoDB).

The app is built for patient, caregiver and families, as it allows multiple patient records, and multiple user registration.

Wrapping up

Personal Health Records (PHR) apps are essential to record and track all health and medical important events for future use. We highly recommend open-source free ones, as they come without any tracker scripts and do not share private information with any third-party.

If you know of any other open-source PHR that we did not mention here, let us know, so we can add it to this article.

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