As a developer, choosing the right library is always a tricky one. Not just because there are dozens of options, but also because many variables at play here. Most importantly, does the library features matches with your current project requirements or not.

Calendar libraries are demanded by many developers, here in the post, we offer you the best JavaScript based calendar library and projects.

1- Calendar.js

Calendar.js is a simple yet full-featured responsive JavaScript calendar app and library. You can use it as a simple calendar on your desktop or your server as a self-hosted app.

Calendar.js comes packed with dozens of features, but the most important feature is the ability to import and export your events from other calendars.

2- TUI Calendar

The TUI Calendar library is a part of an open-source enterprise-grade JavaScript library collection that built to aid developers in building rich interactive apps.

It features a developer friendly API and a rich documentation with many useful demos.

You can create a schedule, add tasks, change timezone, and customize your theme easily. The library also enables you to choose between differnt view modes that include monthly, weekly, daily, 2 weeks, 3 weeks and no weekend view mode.

3- jsCalendar

The jsCalendar is a simple lightweight calendar library that can be easily integrated with any web app. It features a simple interface, a rich documentation, multi-languages support, and multiple theme options.

If your required language is not included, you can easily add a new language.

It can be used as a date picker, or integrated in any project to manage, edit, and export events.

4- Event Calendar


The Event Calendar library is an open source calendar with drag-and-drop support that can be an ideal alternative for the FullCalendar library. It offers a Sevlte components with ES6 module support, works seamlessly within all modern browser, and plays well with other libraries as React, Vue, and Angular.

It is important to note, that unlike other libraries, Event calendar is a lightweight, (37kb compressed) library, with zero-dependency. If you are looking for a FullCalendar option with similar options and API, then the Event Calendar library is a great option.

5- Caleandar

Caleandar is a lightweight (about 7.5kb minified at the time of writing) and library-independent calendar script with optional themes. You can add events to the calendar and add functionality on click of the event.

6-Evo Calendar

The Evo Calendar is a feature-rich calendar library and app which is ready to integrate with any JavaScript app.

Evo Calendar feature highlight

  • Flexible and fully customizable
  • Responsive Calendar (desktop, tablet and mobile)
  • Add, Remove and View single/multiple calendar events
  • Set event type (event, holiday, birthday)
  • Events and methods that let you think outside the box!

7- CalenStyle - Event Calendar

CalenStyle is a Responsive jQuery Drag & Drop Event Calendar Library for Web, Mobile Sites, Android, iOS & Windows Phone. It can be used in web apps, responsive mobile websites, and hybrid mobile apps.

CalenStyle library allows developers to create planners, timeline agenda apps, date-time pickers, and a full calendar apps.

It features dozens of methods, styles, and customization options which makes it ideal for creating mobile apps.

8- dhtmlxScheduler

dhtmlxScheduler is a JavaScript library that allows you to add a Google-like scheduler to your web app or website.

With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows end users to quickly manage events and appointments in 10 different views, including Day, Week, Month, Year, Agenda, Timeline, etc. The Scheduler also supports integration with Google Maps, so users can assign a location to the particular calendar events. Moreover, they can create recurring and multiday events.

9- JS Calendar Library

A simple, lightweight, stylish calendar + organizer JavaScript Library. Although, the project is open source, it is in archive mode, and it did not receive any update for the last 3 years.

10- jquery-calendar

A responsive jQuery calendar scheduler built with bootstrap and moment.js. It is released as an open source project under the MIT License. It offers two editions, the old one supports Bootstrap3 and the new updated is built on top of Bootstrap4.

As our post comes to an end, if you know of any JavaScript Calendar app or library that we missed, let us know.

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