React is an amazing framework for building scalable apps. It also has a growing supportive community of passionate developers all around the world.

In terms of templates, and UI components, React does not have any shortage, thanks to its active community.

As we reviewed the best Vue dashboard and control panel templates in this list, It is time to do the same to our React collection.

Kindly, note that there are some of these templates that comes with extra pro features that are not open-source or even free, but you can still find the alternative if you go through all items of this list.

So here we go.

1- Horizon UI

Horizon UI is a modern fancy looking open-source dashboard framework that is built on top of React and Chakra UI.

It is highly responsive and comes with dozens of customization options and pages.

The included pages are profiles, NFT page, authentication page, static pages, and streams.

Horizon UI is well documented and comes with dozens of customizable components.

It has charts, search, dozens of button styles, clean look, and fancy colors and gradients.  

It comes in two editions; the free open-source edition and the Pro edition which offers more components and pages.

2- Volt Bootstrap Dashboard

Volt is a free and open-source React dashboard for building a fast responsive control panel for almost anything.

Underneath, it uses Bootstrap 5 and comes with many reusable components that include forms elements, many chart types, and several pages.

If you do not want to use the React version, you can also use the Bootstrap 5 HTML version, which is free and open-source.

Volt is an open-source that is released under the MIT License, but it is also copyrighted in 2021 for Themesberg (Crafty Dwarf LLC).

3- Lightence

Lightence is a React-powered 100% FREE Admin Dashboard Template for building rich user interfaces significantly faster. For developers of all levels. Open-source and maintained by the Altence team.  

Lightence Is a Free Outstanding Full-Featured Dashboard Template for React
React is a popular open-source web development framework for creating interactive web apps. It has a large community of developers of all levels, and it is the first choice for many companies and enterprise developers. Open-source React templates save developers time, and fasten their development s…

4- AdminLTE

AdminLTE is an open-source classical looking dashboard and control panel template for React.

It offers a customizable user-friendly dashboard that can work for almost anything.

AdminLTE is released under the MIT License.

5- React Bootstrap Admin Template

This is a simple customizable React control panel template that also uses Bootstrap CSS framework. It allows developers to build a quick dashboard for lightweight projects.

6- Dashio-Admin React Admin Dashboard Template

With its clean and light look, Dashio offers a seamless straightforward user experience. It also comes with a full built-in support, dozens of pages, forms,  several functional data-driven charts, and widgets.

Developers can easily customize it looks or build custom pages on top of it.

7- React Dashboard made with Material UI for Next.js

This one is a free React Admin Dashboard made with MUI's components, React and of course Next.js to boost your app development process!

The included pages are:

  1. A customizable dashboard page
  2. Users pages: Profile, Settings, and Stream
  3. eCommerce pages: Product add pages, View product page, Catalogs
  4. Register and login pages

The Material React Dashboard has two editions; the free one and the pro edition that offers more enterprise-ready components, pages, and widgets.

8- React version of Material Dashboard by Creative Tim

Material Dashboard 2 React is our newest free MUI Admin Template based on React. If you’re a developer looking to create an admin dashboard that is developer-friendly, rich with features, and highly customizable, here is your match.

The pro version includes more custom pages, elements, and styles.

9- Berry

Berry is yet another MUI-based React dashboard. It is too coming in a rich free version and a pro edition with more pages, and components.

Berry offers a mobile-first responsive experience, so you do not need to work on any mobile customization later.

It includes a dozen of responsive interactive charts, 5 sample pages, 50 UI components for the free version and rich developer-friendly documentation.

10- Windmill Dashboard

Windmill is a feature-rich dashboard template for React that comes with a built-in PWA (Progressive Web Application) support, React router, and a rich icon set (using Heroicons).

Unlike the previous templates on this list, Windmill uses the Tailwind CSS framework, which offers a functional, utility-based workflow and experience for developers.

11- React Dashboard Pro

Dynamic Dashboard functionality in just a few simple steps

It solves the customization needs of Dashboard + Widget, which are almost used by the B-side of "Thousands of People, Thousands of Faces".

12- Square React Dashboard

Square React Dashboard is a light clear-looking dashboard that fits for project management dashboard as it comes with fully-functional Kanban boards.

It also features a backend Google Firebase integration, so it can be an ideal solution for building a quick task and project management projects.

13- Mantis Free React Material UI Dashboard Template

Mantis is a free and open source React Redux dashboard template made using the Material UI React component library with aim of flexibility and better customizability.

The free version comes with 9 demo pages, and several compo ants, but if you want more features you should check the pro version which offers 130+ pages, RTL support, built-in auth modules, Figma design files, and it also comes with full TypeScript code.

14- React Kanban Dashboard Template

This is another React-based Kanban dashboard for building team-based collaborative task management apps.

It does not include pages, as it is not a component-rich template, but it is a lightweight and easy to modify and licensed under the MIT License.

15- Modern Cryptocurrency Dashboard UI

If you are building a Crypto-based apps with React, then you should check Modern Cryptocurrency Dashboard UI, which is a simple, clean and fancy-looking panel.

Here is the original inspiration of how does it look like.

React Dashboard
The original inspiration (src)

16- Array Dashboard

Arry dashboard Create By Rajdeep Singh.Array is A open source Project build with react.js and bootstrap 4.

17- Muse Ant.Design React

Muse Ant Design React Dashboard is another CreativeTim outstanding dashboards. And as the other CreativeTim products, it has a free and a pro version.

Muse Ant Design Dashboard is a free Admin Template based on two popular front-end technologies: Ant Design & React. It was built to simplify the developer's work and is comes with a fresh design inspired by Ant Design. All its components are built to fit perfectly with each other, while aligning to the Ant Design concepts.

18- Datta Able Free React Control Panel

Datta Able React Free Admin Template made using Bootstrap 4 framework, It is a free lite version of Datta Able Pro Dashboard Template that makes you fulfill your Dashboard needs.

Datta Able React Free Admin Template comes with variety of components like Button, Badges, Tabs, Breadcrumb, Icons, Form elements, Table, Charts & Authentication pages.

The code structure is high flexible to use and modify.

19- Flexy

Flexy is a free dashboard for React and Next.js. Its developers also offer a pro version with more components, pages, and widgets. But for many the free version which licensed under the MIT license is more than enough.

20- Argon Dashboard Chakra

Yet another React-based Dashboard from CreativeTim. It offers a full responsive experience for mobile and tablet users, fancy icons, eCommerce widgets.

21- Black Dashboard React

Black Dashboard for React is a dark themed dashboard template from also CreativeTim, that comes with fancy dark and bright colors for charts, responsive design, and clean code with developer-friendly docs.


Open-source free React dashboard and control panel templates can save developers dozens of time and effort, as they are mostly comes with dozens of production-ready components, widgets, elements, and features.

As We encourage developers to look for the open-source versions first, we list some totally open-source projects here, which we highly recommend before jumping into the pro editions.

The pro editions are often come with support, more components, custom pages, widgets, and features, which may to be needed if you are working on a large enterprise-grade projects, so trade carefully.

If you know of any other open-source React dashboard template that we didn't list it here, let us know.